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Jack Barton is a staff journalist at WikiTribune where he writes about international law, human rights and finance, whilst covering daily news. He was previously a senior reporter at Law Business Research and has experience covering law and international development, with credits in the Sunday Times, the New Indian Express, and New Statesman online among others. He has an LLM in Human Rights and worked on a UN-funded research project, looking at peace processes.

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22 March 2018

18:15:28, 22 Mar 2018 (diff | hist). . Cleaning up London (updated → Revisions)
17:59:29, 22 Mar 2018 (diff | hist). . Cleaning up London (updated → revi)
17:50:34, 22 Mar 2018 (diff | hist). . Theresa May describes 'pattern of Russian aggression against Europe' (updated → Added policeman release and Skripals)

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  1. Jack, might you be interested in co-writing an explainer piece on wage theft? Main points:

    – Wage theft technically means “nonpayment of wages owed” but corporations have gotten very creative at indirectly denying wages.
    – This means that even the most dire statistics significantly underestimate the real problem.
    – Examples include getting employees to absorb business expenses (like teachers buying their own teaching supplies) and fiddling with reimbursements.
    – Wage theft is relevant to the large UCU strike in the UK and teacher strikes in West Virginia because teachers and academics experience a lot of wage theft
    – I’ve been collecting types of wage theft for a few years and have identified more than 30 wage theft tactics used by both private and public sector to victimize both low and high-wage employees (although minimum-wage employees are clearly more vulnerable).

  2. Jack, I’ve taken a significant detour into factchecking with Mohamed, Kevin, Ted, and I suppose Peter and Jimmy. Your work is of particular interest to me because of my background as a decades long practitioner in institutional finance which entails an interest in law, politics, demographics, and etc, in addition to markets, banking, research, settlements and the rest.

    While very interesting, extradition per se is perhaps too specific, and as we have already noted, we first have to consider not only (1)a broader framework in which to identify and address not only the 4Ws&H about any particular topic, but (2) how any particular piece can arc the spectrum from journalism to long form journalism and perhaps beyond to historical writing; all this imbedded in technology which allow for dynamic updating.

    In any case, I will be reading your pieces with great enthusiasm and will address points as, if, and when appropriate. But without further WT structure, I don’t think we’re ready to get too deep in the weeds with any given topic. I conclude that I am getting ahead of myself and WT in expending too much time and personal capital on research. I will be in touch. Thanks, Jonathan

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I absolutely take your point. We are constantly discussing how to balance keeping the process as open to collaboration as possible, while providing some kind of framework when necessary. Your feedback is valuable in that regard and I will pass it on. If you have further thoughts on this I’m sure the team would appreciate your thoughts on the Feedback page – and I hope you continue to collaborate on stories in the future. Jack

  3. Hey, sorry if my edits to the Germany article were nonconstructive.

    1. Hi Philip, that was an error – probably on my part – the story wasn’t quite ready to go public. I did incorporate your edits though.

      1. Ah, thanks. It’s fine honestly. The article just vanished and I kept getting 404 errors so I wasn’t sure what happened.

  4. Addendum on my website you also find all dana gas articles published.

  5. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really liked your work on the London’s black taxis square up to Uber article. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Denislav, glad you enjoyed it.

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