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  2. The blockchain and a business plan: any match? (Diff | History) Trying to give an answer on the new economy around blockchain

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  1. Hi Jaak, I’m interested to see where this story is heading. What is the focus of it? It seems like a comparison between a normal business plan and blockchain, and whether blockchain may overtake it.

    1. Well, I see that a lot of investors do not see clear in the ecosystem of the blockchain projects. They want to have a traditional approach but on blockchain projects are little different; that is what I tried to describe in some more easy wordings 😉

      Or should it be “Is a Blockchain White Paper like a Business Plan” ?

      1. I think I can see the similarities, since both a white paper and a business plan set out the objectives of a project. Why does the story matter **now**?

        1. I think because of all discussions and speculations now around what in fact is blockchain? As blockchain is not Bitcoin, it is another way of starting projects etc 😉

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