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01 November 2017

• (view) . . Comment: Hello, world: this is WikiTribune‎; 15:26:40, 01 Nov 2017 . . Gregory Kohs (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Arthur, just curious -- when you go to a Beta article, do you see an "EDIT" option on the frozen banner (at the top)? And if so, does it take you into a WordPress admin environment? I had access to that yesterday, but today it has been removed. )

31 October 2017

18:03:52, 31 Oct 2017 (diff | hist). . Hello, world: this is WikiTribune (updated → Testing how a hyphenation correction will be handled)
• (view) . . Comment: Hello, world: this is WikiTribune‎; 17:59:15, 31 Oct 2017 . . Gregory Kohs (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> I have some suggested improvements for this story: * 'long standing' should be 'long-standing' - - - * 'program which says' should be 'program that says' - - - * 'The day I opened Wikipedia to the public' probably should be 'The day Larry Sanger and I opened Wikipedia to the public' - - - * 'the trusted users ... is treated' is awkward due to the addition of ' -- the community --'. Perhaps replace 'the community' with 'the community members'. * 'As with any true wiki' is awkward, since Wikitribune is not a true wiki. It's an (apparently) open WordPress blog. * 'quietly opened up and we plan' should be 'quietly opened up, and we plan' - - - Other than that, it's quite well-written. I am frankly surprised that I already have "EDIT STORY" access to the admin menu of WordPress. I presume that that access will be taken away soon. )

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12 January 2018

01 November 2017

31 October 2017

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