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    Hi, thanks for your response on the Venezuela story. I certainly did not mean to imply the story was without merit. I am concerned about a crackdown too. In fact I have been concerned about the whole ongoing situation for some time.

    I would be grateful if you could offer me more information or sources of information. I don’t speak Spanish so I can’t go straight to the source. As I said I have the feeling that I am missing a large part of the picture with Venezuela in the news lately. I am not that well informed but I have a good sense with news about when I am getting the full story and when something does not add up. There has rarely in my life been a time when I had that satisfied feeling with any South American nation that I had really gotten a good handle on the situation there. I can look at things that happened 10 or 20 years ago and get a fairly good picture but current events always seem to be tainted by a spectrum of conflicting agendas.

    The same is true of most African and Middle Eastern countries as well to be honest. I have a decent understanding of many Asian countries because I come from Australasia so they are kind of regional to me. Sometimes it seems like 90% of the news I see is about the US, and the rest about Europe. I don’t like being in the dark about the majority of the world’s population but I am struggling to find good news sources.

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      Hey Duncan. I think Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ and AFP do an excellent job of reporting in English what’s going on in Venezuela.

      But to be totally honest, it’s very difficult to get a comprehensive picture of what’s going on in Venezuela by only reading news reports. The situation is so complicated and has changed so much over the last few years that it’s worth reading longer reports like those published by NGOs and multilateral organisations, as well as history books, to get a full picture. I’ll try to put together a short reading list if you’re interested.

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    George —
    I’d like to keep up with the U.S./N. Korea story. What angle do you suggest? WikiTribune is doing a good job of informing about new events. I’m thinking about a deeper look at the recent history, maybe a more detailed story about one or two of the collapsed efforts. What do you think? What are your needs?
    -Steve Merican

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      Hey Steve, great to hear from you. Let me have a think about your proposal over the weekend and get back to you next week. In the meantime, I think it’d probably be best to try to focus on how to carry this story forward. My impression is that much ink has already been spilled over why talks failed in the past.

      One potential angle for you to sink your teeth into could be to talk to talk to a few experts (academics, analysts, etc) and see what some of the key negotiating points might be for U.S., DPRK, and maybe even SKorea — for each party: what’s non-negotiable, what is, what the conditions might be, what sort of solution timeframe are we looking at (months, years, etc).

      In the event the Trump-Kim summit takes place, it would also be interesting to to find out who their key advisers on the topic are and what they’ve said in the past.

      What do you think?

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    Hello George, I’m Renato from Brazil, and I’ll try to help you with your story about Lula and the elections here. But I’m also a translator, so if you need anything, just contact me.

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      Fantastic, I probably will need someone to translate moving forward. For the moment, would you mind writing down in the story I shared with you some of the questions you have about the upcoming election, as well as story ideas if you have any? Thanks!

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    It was good to meet you last night. Very impressed with the project so far, and wish you every success with this venture…

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      Hey Jeff, was great to meet you too. Thanks for coming in!

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    (Copio esta “reply” aquí porque no recibí respuesta en mi perfil.)

    ¡Hola, George!

    Me interesa la tarea. Nos podemos dividir. Creo que puedo hacer la mitad. ¡Dime desde dónde empiezo!

    Un saludo,


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      ¡Hola! Ya tengo mi parte de la traducción. =)

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        Muchísimas, muchísimas gracias. Me la envías a [email protected] por favor?

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    Hello, I am a Spanish collaborator and would like to start writing about topics related to Spain. Any suggestions are welcome.

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      Hola Alejandro, gracias por tu mensaje. Este artículo te dará una idea del tipo de periodismo que buscamos en WikiTribune:

      Para empezar a escribir una historia, solo tienes que hacer clic en “Add a new story” y empezar a escribir.

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