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14 January 2018

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13 June 2018

03 June 2018

14 January 2018

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12 January 2018

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  1. Hi Geoff. I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion on a piece about bees and pesticides and link you to the piece we did based off of your idea, in case you hadn’t seen it –

  2. A good afternoon to you Geoff! Hope it’s going ok. I was just saying to Thibagaran, who has also been great at the briefing today, that we would like to try a slightly different format for the coming days.

    Rather than the links – do you think you could do a more condensed ‘here’s what I’ve been reading’ and then a larger ‘and here’s what I’d like to know about it’?

    Just trying to nudge the staff journalists in the best direction we can take them, which means writing what *you* want to know about.

    – your friendly community manager/Fiona

  3. Hey Geoff – your friendly community manager here. Unfortunately the bare URL you’re trying to put as your profile bio is rendering very badly. If you want to put it in an a ref bracket this should fix it and I’ll allow it through. I would do it for you but I don’t know what you would like the text to say and I’d not like to presume.

    1. greetings and salutations Friendly Community Manager!

      question: would a “ref bracket” be a standard HTML link A HREF thingy?

      if you’d like to take the lead — er, showing an example of the correct format — how about “a bit of geoff’s “backstory”” ?

      other better suggestions would be most welcome/encouraged! 😀

      1. It is indeed! I’ve edited the page to put this in, but I’ve left the caption as ‘This is Geoff’s link!’ so please do update to whatever is most appropriate for you and I will make sure it’s up to date. Hope it’s a good Thursday there.

        1. good morning Fiona!

          oh, how about changing the ‘This is Geoff’s link!’ to be

          so here’s a bit of Narcissistic Hubris — as told by — hopefully — a credible source 😀

          with best wishes for​​​ awesome friday ​and weekend ahead ​”there”​!​

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