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    Hi Gareth,

    I answered your question about the Iowa egg bill. There’s more to report on, but I wanted to start by answering your question. Let me know what you think.

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      Great! Thank you very much! I think you did a great job laying everything out and I think you represented everything fairly. The claim they made that the bill is needed to provide eggs to low-income families seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but maybe there is some validity. Seems like they could regulate the cost somehow or could subsidize eggs like they subsidize other things if the COST of the eggs is the issue rather than whether it is cage free or conventional. It was interesting to hear that in some ways the cage free environments can be worse than the battery cages. Most animal welfare advocates would probably either say that we just shouldn’t be eating those chickens at all or that factory farming where you have that volume of chickens is going to be bad regardless. I think some consumers feel like they can vote with their wallets in some respect when buying animal products when they opt to choose “cage free” or other labels that may not really have much meaning. I think the better those companies that use those labels do, the easier it is for other companies to take it to the next level and be more humane and be able to have consumers that will pay the extra quarter or two for their eggs.

      I did find it funny seeing my name as the start (probably just because it is me), but if you think that is a good way to start the article then I trust you more than myself.

      Thanks! Keep up the great work on wikitribune!

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