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    You chose to rebuke me at the talk page for the article “English, the language with gender bias: Who to blame, dictionaries or people?” with the words ” if you have specific issues with the article’s content, please explain those specifically on the talk page and discuss with the author/others.”

    I believe that this is exactly what I tried to do. I pointed out several errors in the text, and was met with the responses “I would really suggest you to read my piece once again to understand it better.” — the implication being that my understanding rather than the author’s text was at fault — and “I also like you to check your facts once again” which is precisely what I did, giving the reference to a standard text-book.

    You went on to say “There is no need to make assumptions regarding the writer’s ability ‘to read’ or any reason to engage in personal attacks.” I agree, and take the position that I did neither of those things, but rather, those things were done to me.

    However, you are the Community Journalism Manager and I’m a mere volunteer. So please can we proceed as follows. If after reading this you are still sure that your rebuke is valid then I’ll simply take it that your understanding of the community norms of Wikitribune is so far from mine that it would be pointless for me to contribute further.

    Please let me know what you think.


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    Thanks for your help with the Cyber War Sourcebook!

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      It’s looking good!

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