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19 January 2018

13 November 2017

• (view) . . Comment: Hello, world: this is WikiTribune‎; 13:48:19, 13 Nov 2017 . . David Weinberger (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> First, thank you! I'm excited to see how this project develops ... or, more exactly, how We the People develop it, under your guidance and stewardship :) I made some minor edits, which felt weirder than editing a Wikipedia page, but I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because I'm used to editing my own WordPress site, so maybe I was just having an idiosyncratic psychological reaction that should be ignored. (Thank goodness edits have to be approved!) But I think part of it is not (yet) having a robust Talk section and Talk culture where we know our ideas for edits will be challenged and debated. That sort of conversation can be quite distinct from the normal sorts of comments about the content of an article on a normal news site. Have you considered separating the discussion of revisions ("Your edit should be undone because...") from comments on content ("That gosh darn White House!")? Are you trying to discourage comments on content by lumping them under "Other talking point"? After all, there's no shortage of places online to talk about the news. In any case, thank you again for putting something new and hopeful into the world. )
13:32:55, 13 Nov 2017 (diff | hist). . Hello, world: this is WikiTribune (updated → Minor edits for smoothness)

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13 November 2017

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