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  1. Thank you so much for your contributions to the story I started on local and investigative reporting. It’s my first attempt at an article and I appreciate all the help I can get 🙂

  2. Burham, I’m sure there’s a way for me to comment on your editing of the black cab explainer, but I couldn’t find it. Just a quick word of thanks on (a) doing all the excellent improvements (I was sooo dumb to use wannabe!) and (b) doing all the referencing that I failed to do. It shouldn’t be your job – I should do the hard work. My excuse was ignorance and fear. But if there’s a next time, I will certainly try to cause less work for people like you.

    I made a couple of trivial changes and added an Acknowledgements section explaining why a non-expert was writing such an article.


    1. Hi Steven, thank you for your kind words. Can we write in what you do or did for a living? If you have or have had any involvement with any of the industries you write about, we should be clear.

  3. Morning Jean-Jacques,

    Thank you for your essay. Yes, I was going to read your piece this morning and discuss it with you. Look forward to collaborating.

    1. Jean-Jacques, I have edited your piece and made suggestions. One additional thought was to rework your intro and remove the section sub-heads, which would allow it to flow as a piece of analysis.

      1. Thank you Burhan for those useful edits and suggestions. I’ve implemented all of the latter, and added many links.
        There’s one reference I can’t find, and was wondering if you could help me track it down: the joint statement (or declaration) on the importance of the relationship between Germany and France, issued by the political parties currently negotiating the terms of their participation in the coalition government being formed by Chancellor Merkel.
        Question: could you say roughly when my essay could be cleared for publication?

        1. Dear Jean-Jacques, I have made another round of edits and asked some more questions. Can you please address these? I shall then give your piece one last edit and ask for your thoughts before publishing.

  4. Good morning Burhan,
    Harry told me you’re editing my essay ”French President Macron’s first six months”, and suggested I get in touch with you.
    Do you need any explanation or additional information?

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