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  2. The era of quantum computing? Not quite yet (Diff | History) quantum computers don't "simulate" superposition and entanglement, they make use of them
  3. Italy readies for first national general elections under new voting scheme (Diff | History)
  4. What we liked in 2017-books, movies, TV, content - WikiTribune (Diff | History) corrected "News Satesman" to "New Statesman"
  5. Big Read: Loss of tropical forests threatens search for antibiotics (Diff | History) Adding a bit of detail regarding the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance
  6. May accuses Russia of meddling, Myanmar military denies atrocities (Diff | History) clarifying the physics of Ru106.
  7. Lebanese president says Hariri must return, Uber loses employment appeal (Diff | History) insert missing noun (purge) in Saudi Arabia item
  8. Lebanese president says Hariri must return, Uber loses employment appeal (Diff | History) grammatical correction (Hun Sen item)
  9. Saudi-led forces reduce access to Yemen; EU to discuss tax haven blacklist (Diff | History) grammatical correction: "helped solidified" -> "helped solidify"
  10. Spain issues arrest for Puigdemont, CIA releases bin Laden files, sanctions for Myanmar (Diff | History) changed "Catalan" to "Catalonia"
  11. Lies 1, truth 1 in U.S. election campaign - Oxford (Diff | History) a space was missing
  12. What Europe's 'capital of smog' might learn from 'nudge theory' (Diff | History) referencing Kahneman as well as Thaler

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  1. Thanks for that “solidify” edit on the Briefing. Peter

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