Talk for Story "Author Diana Coole: ‘Not sustainable’ for Earth’s population to keep increasing"

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    Not only population, it's what a population does with resources.

    Might want to show the water cost for countries that raise beef: 1 lbs. beef/2,400 gals. H2O
    1lbs. wheat/24 gals. H20.<br>
    Source link: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

    I mean, depending on the price of petro and where people live, petro is probably cheaper than bottled water by volume?

    Also, USA dedicates 38.1 million acres dedicated to ethanol production, mostly corn, not to mention 127.4 million acres to livestock feeds.<br>
    Source: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a><br&gt;
    Can we please switch to e-vehicles sooner?

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    I’d like to see consideration on how Darwin’s theory of evolution plays into Ms Coole’s projections.

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      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for your suggestion. Harry is away this week, but I will ask him to suggest this to Diana Coole when he returns.

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    It’s very easy to live in London and decide the world is overpopulated, but we must not forget that fertility rates are falling globally in line with rising education.

    DON’T PANIC — Hans Rosling showing the facts about population

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      Hi Mark. I haven’t watched Hans Rosling’s documentary. However, all I will say is the UN’s projected population growth factors in declining fertility rates. –

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        indeed, in last two year the fertility rates decreased even in the US (, but that does not mean an overall decrease of global population….even with raising education, etc., it’s clear that those issues raised by Coole are extremely urgent, well beyond London or other big city areas…too bad that very few politicians want to truly address them

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