Reporting on the baby formula industry and support for breast milk

Breast milk is more nutritious for infants compared to manufactured baby formulas, says the World Health Organization. With decades of scientific research, a resolution was introduced in the United Nations that encouraged mothers to breast feed their babies. The United States objected.

The New York Times reported that the U.S. delegation wanted to remove language that explicitly asked governments to promote breast milk and restrict formulas shown to have negative health effects. The delegation also threatened retaliation to any country who attempted to introduce the measure.

Ecuador was set to introduce the non-binding resolution but withdrew after being threatened with trade measures and less military aid by U.S. officials. President Donald J. Trump denied the U.S. threatened Ecuador in a tweet, calling the piece “fake news.”

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  1. Investigating the connections between the baby formula industry and the U.S. federal government.
  2. Has a government threatened economic retaliation on an UN member over a resolution?
  3. What are some ways to help get breast milk to babies with mothers who are unable to breastfeed?
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Experts and organizations to interview

  1. World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action
  2. Baby Milk Action
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Interview questions for experts

  1. Do you know why Nestle’s spending on lobbying the U.S. government spiked in 2013 to over $4.8 million, a ten year high?
  2. What minerals are missing from baby formula?
  3. Why has there been such little action on baby formula considering the controversies in previous decades over the link between healthy brain development and breast milk?
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    1. “Milking It” researched by Changing Markets. Report on nutritional shortcomings of baby formula companies, and their use of misleading advertising
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