Talk for Story "Migration agencies say returns programs are working as EU pushes to ‘offshore’ processing"

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  1. Flagged as bias

    Is the title bit biased? Could “Risks and possible benefits with offshoring migrant processing and returns” be more neutral?

    Also, putting ‘ and using the term offshoring might be bit biased too. As far as I know, the commonly used term is “hot spots”.

    It seems offshoring is a good way to make sure women and children are better represented among refugees, and is more fair to those who need the help the most, who are often the least capable of making the journey to apply for asylum.

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    1. Rewrite

      Fair point – I’ve changed the headline so it’s hopefully more neutral. You’re right we shoud definitely cover the benefits as well as the potential risks. If the question is about pushing processing into transit countries, I’m not sure how else to phrase it than “offshoring” but if you have a better suggestion please edit away. Very much a work in progress at this point.

      1. Rewrite

        Thank you, appreciated. Offshoring as a term is in my opinion better than “hot spots”, just haven’t heard it used in official instances.

  2. Rewrite

    Are there absolute numbers too? Or at least a link to the IOM report?

    1. Rewrite

      My bad – linked now. I’ll find the press release too

      1. Rewrite


        Since the article talks about Europe, I think an absolute numbers could be helpful: page 22 of the report states 50,587 AVRR, most of them from Germany.

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