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    I think Venezuelan immigration is becoming noticeable in other South American countries as well as Argentina, most notably Colombia, Peru and Brazil, so I think expanding this report’s coverage could be a better idea than writing new loose pieces.

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      Hi Alejandro and thanks for the interesting suggestion.

      We chose Argentina to begin with as George is there currently, and on this issue there’s plenty to report on in one country alone.

      The scope could be certainly widened if there’s interest though.

      What particular aspects/stories/angles were you thinking of in terms of Venezuelan immigration in other parts of South America?

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        Hi Alejandro. Further to what Ed just said, I will mention Venezuelan migrants in other South American countries as this is relevant to the broader Venezuelan exodus.

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        Hi Ed, George, thank you for your reply.

        As a professional immigrant myself 😉 I think aspects/stories/angles on this subject are many and could be extremely lengthy to report on — however, being based in London but having a good knowledge of reliable contacts/sources in Peru I am able and willing to collaborate if required.

        Incidentally, is there a list of reliable/acceptable news sources for Latin America?

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          Hi Alejandro. Thanks – would you like to start a separate story? I think it’s better if we try to keep this story to one country since each will have its own peculiarities and challenges, even if certain experiences might surely be shared across borders.

          As for reliable news sources, BBC Mundo is generally very good. National newspapers generally have a certain audience (for example in Argentina, La Nación and El Clarín are generally centre-right/right-wing, while Página12 is left of centre) but their reporting is accurate and fair.

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            Thanks, George. That’s for Argentina but, what are acceptable LatAm news outlets for WT other than that?

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              I don’t think WT has decided which LatAm news outlets are reliable and accurate (other than BBC). Personally, the only one that I can think of that covers LatAm specifically in Spanish is BBC Mundo. Reuters, AFP, and AP (and occasionally AJ) do great work too, but they write in English. El País is good too. I find The Economist does good work but they write analysis, rather than hard news.

              What news outlets do you follow?

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                For Peru I start with global news outlets like Reuters, AFP, DW, DPA and AP, but available news in English about the country are scarce.

                Local newspapers with different / sometimes not so subtle bias but stable credibility include La Republica and Peru 21. Other serious investigative sources are and IDL-Reporteros.

                I’ll wait till you review them and give me a green light to get started.

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