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  1. Rewrite

    The subheading read “President Trump arrives in the UK on working visit, public takes to streets to express dissent”. Who or what are this “public” here? Given the headline “early protest small” it hardly seems right to that the entire British public, or even a large part of it have taken to the streets. Perhaps “some protesters express dissent”

  2. Rewrite

    Unfortunately due to a technical error with Cloudflare I was blocked from making some edits. I agree with almost all the other comments here in terms of how to improve the article, but one key improvement would be to correct the error in which we claim this is a full state visit. It is not, it is a “working visit”.

    1. Reuters and the BBC were in disagreement over this, after a call with no10 I can confirm it is a working visit.

      1. Rewrite

        Super interesting! Can you share the links where Reuters and the BBC were saying different things?

          1. Rewrite

            As I understand it was never a state visit to begin with.

            State visits would normally be at the invitation of the head of state, that being the Queen in the UK.

            But, Trump was invited by the prime minister, and she is the main host.

            More information here:

  3. Rewrite

    Paragraph 2: “Trump is one of two presidents…” contradicts “The other two being…”.

    Either Trump is one of three presidents being offered the full state visit or there is only one other president having been offered a full state visit.

    1. That is absolutely correct, thanks Lars, I corrected it.

  4. Flagged as bias

    “WikiTribune has been in touch with the organisers of the protests, as well as various activist groups, and will bring you the latest from the ground.” Not with the UK Government that invited him, or the US Embassy that represents him, or the Metropolitan Police Service that will have to cope with balancing the right to protest against the rights of Londoners and visitors to go about their business in peace, or the Palace, or a cross-section of London citizens and taxpayers who will foot the bill, or … ? A bit one-sided possibly?

    Edited: 2018-07-11 21:50:27 By Jennifer Pryor-Summers.. (talk | contribs) .. + 39 Characters .. + 7% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

    1. You make a good point Jennifer. We will speak to the police as well, this is far from a full report but rather a preamble to the next two days events.

  5. Rewrite

    “Massive peaceful demonstrations against his visit will take place” — no, not unless you have a crystal ball. The reference is to a protest website, so you could say “Protesters have called for massive peaceful protests”, or “London authorities are preparing for massive protests which they hope will be peaceful”. In a couple of days we’ll know whether the protests were peaceful and/or massive.

    1. Rewrite

      I was going to say the same thing. That kind of wording sets alarm bells ringing for me. It makes me think that the author is biased, or has hidden agendas. That’s not how good journalism works.

  6. Other

    “Trump is one of two U.S. Presidents to have been offered a full state visit, including a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, the other two being Barack Obama and George W. Bush.” makes no sense. Do you mean one of *three* Presidents, the other two being … ?

    It is true that he was offered a state visit, but this isn’t a state visit, it’s a working visit, even if he will meet the Queen: see

    1. Thanks for your diligence Jennifer, this has been corrected.

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