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  1. Flagged as bias

    Is this really considered news? If so, then the site could be filled with “articles” fact checking claims made on both sides of the aisle from all news services.

    I think a better approach would be to write our own article about immigration with factual and supported claims instead of commenting on accuracy of what is said in other outlets.

    1. Rewrite

      I have to say, I completely disagree with your assertion that articles like this aren’t required. I think fact checking what everyone says in highly public platforms like this is critical. The reason we’re having such a divisive relationship with news reporting is because the media so rarely fact checks anything their guests say. Politicians know this and make up or cherry pick things to support whatever particular viewpoint they are trying to support. People need to know that there are journalists who will hold people accountable for what they say.

      I think a separate article about immigration is a good idea, but it doesn’t make this any less important.

      1. Rewrite

        I hear what you are saying and agree that it is very important to hold other’s statements accountable. I just think we will get ourselves into a bias by fact checking one side and not the other. I could listen to sound bites from the left news outlets and create another fact checking article in seconds. Do we want WT to be a fact checking site or do we want WT to be a content creation site?

        1. Rewrite

          Jacob: There’s an assumption in your claim that we will fact check one side and not the others, this is not right, we have started fact checking project on WT months ago and we have been fact checking claims from all sides, there’s no any selection bias, it an open process, anyone can jump in and start a new fact checking report, you yourself can do that now.

          Please see the guideline here:

          1. Rewrite

            Sorry Mohamed! My intent was not to convey only one side would be fact checked. I was just stating that this process can lend itself to showing bias if we are not careful to always select from both sides. I want to protect from any appearance of bias weather it’s true or not. 🙂

            Also, didn’t know about the strategy implemented to fact check, now that I know it’s a process it will be interesting to watch!

        2. Rewrite

          Jacob- We started a fact checking project where we verify one claim a week (more or less) made on a public platform. So you’ll be seeing more of this format going forward.

          “I could listen to sound bites from the left news outlets and create another fact checking article in seconds.”

          We are eager to hear any suggestions. Please add claims that can be fact checked here:

  2. Rewrite

    I found these statistics from U.S. custom and protection very helpful to cite :

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