Talk for Story "Places most likely to be affected by sea level rise"

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  1. The sourcing for this story could use some dramatic improvement. Let me give just one example: “Between 5 and 11 inches of sea-level rise is likely in New York City between 2000 and 2030” is sourced to It strikes me as a very odd thing to say that a certain amount of sea-level rise “is likely” “between 2000 and 2030” given that it was 2017 when USA Today said it. This hints at some kind of error. I looked for the study that they are relying on (they don’t make it easy, since they only give one co-author and the name of the journal near the very end of their piece). But I believe I found the original here: The original would make for a much better source, but unfortunately as far as I have been able to determine, it doesn’t make the claim that USA Today makes. In general, I would suggest that popular newspapers are not really valid sources for WikiTribune articles about scientific matters. I wouldn’t propose an absolute ban – but we should do better whenever we can.

    1. Yep fair enough. Can we add in links to newspapers, but then put something to the effect of ‘link to academic study needed’ and if not found after a certain period of time remove it? It’s just that if people submit links to claims they have found from news stories but I can’t find it, that doesn’t necessarily mean such academic stories don’t exist, and by letting the community look for studies to back up claims too, it makes them rather than me the arbiter.

      1. Yes – in Wikipedia the way we do it is just add {{fact}} which annotates the article with the famous ‘citation needed’. In this kind of case, it would be something like ‘better source desirable’.

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