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  1. How about fact checking whether cell phone radiation (rf) causes cancer? Long term studies are recently starting to show that it does somewhat increase cancer risk.

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your idea. I think this would be a difficult issue to fact check with a conclusive result. From my reading on the subject, the studies are in their early stages and there isn’t a unified body of evidence which suggests a definitive view. Would you like to suggest some other ideas where we can reach an end result with some sense of authority?

      1. Maybe a fact check for that claim is inappropriate as of now because of the small amount of large, long term studies. But maybe there is something like an ongoing research page?

        Also I was wondering about checking facts in other mainstream media sources or even other fact checking sources.

  2. It looks like some of Bernie Sander’s claims may be supported by this study done by the United Way. On superficial glance, the $400 claim is.

  3. “Paypal closed accounts and pocketing the balance in its early days of operation.” The tweet by Existential Comics doesn’t contain any specific information, such as the exact circumstances, so there isn’t really a fact to check. Of course it is plausible that a company, or even a bank, could close an account and keep the balance. Perhaps because the account has been dormant for a long period of time. So, in some circumstances closing an account and keeping the balance isn’t out of the ordinary.

    1. It’s not an easy one to fact-check and perhaps it will not be pursued. I will say that this tweet is not an outlier though. Similar claims have been made An entire website even to this topic.

      There are no shortages of people Paypal can freeze someone’s account for up to 180 days for unknown reasons. If we were to fact check this claim, we would need to try to track down people who had their account frozen, and failed to get their money back after six months.

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