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Wiki Project Med Foundation in collaboration with internet-in-a-box

The Offline Distribution System for Medical Content is a mini computer that generates a wifi signal to which up to 32 people can connect at any one time with a computer or phone to access the content on the device. It also functions as a mini app store in that you can download and install offline Wikipedia medical apps.

The main objectives of this device are divided into two parts: one is to make familiar medical related articles to medical students and another is to spread Wikipedia or encyclopaedias in a rural places where the internet is hardly available or there’s no internet connection at all. Using this device, anyone can find  thousands of article without internet because this device has that built-in content.

This project is developed with the help of some medical students along with some Wikipedians. WikiProject Med is a nonprofit corporation founded in December of 2012 with the purpose of promoting development and distribution of healthcare content on Wikimedia projects. We do this by forming collaborations with other like-minded organizations, giving talks at universities and other organizations, and working to develop greater access to the medical literature for Wikipedians, among many other things. They helped a lot in order to develop internet in a box.

The first version contains all of Wikipedia’s healthcare content in English, Spanish, and Arabic. It also contains WikEM, content from Practical Action in English and Spanish, and HealthPhone videos.

To see an online example:

Many organizations and individuals have been involved in making this device a reliability. Special thanks to my fellow Wikipedians, folks at Kiwix, and those at Internet-in-a-Box. The underlying hardware is made by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and all software and content on the device is under an open license.

We believe this device has a significant potential to benefit the more than 4 billion people globally without reliable Internet access. We are working to develop further versions of other languages and types of content. If you would like to join in this effort or wish to know more please reach out.

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Thanks, Jimmy Wales

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Mohammed Galib Hasan

Mohammed Galib Hasan

"yes, i have added some for informatio..."

Jesús Pestana Puerta

"Could you expand a little bit on how ..."

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  1. Could you expand a little bit on how this device can be used? Is it intended to be used by nurses and medical doctors only? How can normal people benefit from it (maybe the content is written with easily understandable terms)?

    Why is this device needed? Maybe link some external website talking about the problem that this project is trying to solve.

    1. yes, i have added some for information about the device.

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