Talk for Story "Plastics project: New Zealand to ban plastic bags"

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  1. Hi, I’m an oceanographer, although plastics are not my area of expertise. I’m very happy to see that WikiTribune has taken up this topic. I have two comments:

    1. I think there needs to be a link to support the quote “Isolated tropical islands with beaches covered with plastic trash are powerful evidence of degradation”? Here is one potential link:

    2. Is there a link between ocean acidification and plastics pollution? As far as I’m aware, acidification is due to increased CO2 levels. I don’t think that it is necessary to include mention of ocean acidification, unless it is clearly part of a section about other sorts of human impacts on the ocean.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Nathan, and especially the link to support the quote.
      I’m not a scientist so the link between acidifcation and plastics is (to my simple mind) part of the contamination of the seas. I’ll revisit the story in the next day or so as it’s a while since I looked at the first part.
      Do go in and add paragraphs if you would like to clarify these issues.

  2. Steven has a point about all countries being to blame. But some countries perhaps have more resources to devote to dealing with these issues?

  3. Hi Joseph, this is an open story, a WikiProject, and everyone is invited to contribute. If you have any relevant quotes please do add.

  4. You should maybe add some quotes from political leaders.

  5. Some of the questions I would like to answer with the piece: What do plastics do to our oceans? How has the problem advanced in the 21st century? Who has the power to take action? What can be done, practically?

  6. Things I think could be included: An explanation of how plastic break-down raises acid levels in the oceans – The effect on marine life – The effect on human life – The, if you like, cosmetic effect – in my mind is the false report that Malaysian flight MH370 had been found in 2014 – it was only a load of junk floating in the Southern Ocean.

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