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Macron heads to Riyadh, Syria declares victory over ISIS

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Peter Bale


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"I’ve inserted the word ”by” to ..."
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Charles Anderson

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Jean-Jacques Subrenat

"Hi, just one small historical point: ..."

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  • In a dramatic twist to an already complex week in Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern politics, French President Emmanuel Macron said he’s heading to Riyadh on an unscheduled visit. He had been in the region for the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Macron’s move coincided with claims by Lebanon that its prime minister, who announced his resignation in Riyadh earlier this week, was being held against his will in the Saudi capital.
  • Syria’s military said it has “liberated” the town of Abu Kamal from ISIS, according to the BBC. It reported that Syrian commanders called the achievement proof of ISIS’s “fall” in the region.
  • The U.S. Treasury Department will impose additional sanctions on top officials of the Venezuelan government, according to the Wall Street Journal. This would be the second wave of U.S. sanctions on President Nicolas Maduro’s government since President Donald J. Trump took office.
  • A U.N. watchdog says Australia needs to change its migration laws to align with international standards. Australia has been criticized by human-rights groups for its treatment of asylum seekers, as well as its offshore detention centers in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Last week, Manus Island center in PNG closed despite 600 asylum seekers refusing to leave.


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  • As American interest in searching for extraterrestrial life wanes, this Atlantic article takes us through the potential implications of China making first contact with aliens – Linh Nguyen
  • Germany will become the first European country to have a third gender option on its birth certificates, after its highest court ordered the move. The New York Times looks at the history behind this, and the progress of such acceptance across the world Angela Long
  • Author Sy Montgomery has often been mesmerized by an aquarium tank, wondering, as she stared into the horizontal pupils of an octopus’s large, prominent eyes, if she was staring back at her — and if so, what was the octopus thinking? This piece for Orion Magazine explores the difficult task of measuring the impressive mind of an eight armed mollusk. — Charles Anderson


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  1. Rewrite

    I’ve inserted the word ”by” to read ”…Macron’s move coincided with claims BY Lebanon that its prime minister…”. Thanks.

  2. Rewrite

    Hi, just one small historical point: Lebanon is not ”a former French colony”. The ”Mandate for Syria and Lebanon” was established by the League of Nations after the First World War and the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire concerning Syria and the Lebanon. See . Thanks.

  3. Rewrite

    I tell you what…I’ll give it a try. I will use the Wikipedia info on Jimmy Carter’s trips and post something here in the next couple of days.

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    Question? Has anyone done a stats based piece on past presidents and their foreign trips. Something similar to a rating of a NFL quarterback or a pro baseball pitcher. It’s easy to look at box scores at the end of a season and get a good idea of how it went for the player. The list on Wikipedia “List of international trips made by the President of the United States” already has the info, is there a way to add some stats to it. Was the outcome successful, not successful; a way to assess points and get calculations from the data, so we can have a President’s rating.

    1. Rewrite

      Great idea. I look forward to how we determine “successful” in a neutral fashion. Peter

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