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China extends national anthem law to Hong Kong and Macau

  1. China passed a new law for Hong Kong and Macau, making disrespect of national anthem punishable with prison time

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Cassandra Vinograd

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Matthew Jackson

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Xi Jinping at National People’s Congress

China’s parliament passed a law on November 4 banning disrespect of its national anthem in Hong Kong and Macau, two regions under China with a high degree of autonomy.

The anthem law had been put into effect on China’s mainland on October 1, where a fifteen-day sentence in police detention was mandated for anyone who mocked the anthem.

Last month, football fans in Hong Kong booed the anthem at a qualifying match against Malaysia, in what The New York Times called “a protest of Beijing’s growing influence.” The protesters either booed or turned their back when the national anthem was playing, according to The New York Times. 

What they did then with impunity is now illegal. The new law means those who disrespect the anthem could face up to three years in jail.

Under the new law China’s national anthem, ‘The March of the Volunteers,’ can no longer be played as background music in public, or in private situations if it is deemed inappropriate, as reported by VOA. It is also barred from being played at weddings or parties. Xinhua, the news outlet of China, reported that those convicted of this crime may also lose their political rights.

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  1. Matthew. I’ve revised the piece to clarify what (I think) you’re trying to get across. Let me know what you think. Agree with Cassie that it’d be great to get a quote from someone saying it’s against freedom of speech. Right now I’ve revised it to the erosion of Hong Kong’s freedom in general. Thanks.

    1. Rewrite

      Thanks Linh! I published this out for now to get the “news” out but think that piece can definitely be broadened per initial headline. Just need the sources // background to back it up!

    2. Rewrite

      Thank you very much, and sorry it perhaps wasn’t the best when I published it. As I just said to Cassandra, I am new to writing news articles and agree my focus wasn’t right at all – I had all the ideas, just didn’t write them coherently enough. I appreciate your support and feedback!

      1. Rewrite

        Nothing to apologize for — this is all about collaboration 🙂 If you’ve got more info // sources // etc we can keep broadening the story!

  2. Hi Matthew — bit confused here on the dates. What is distinction between Nov 4, Oct 1… Seeing Reuters says september.. Can you be clearer on what happened on which date? Also think this is about law extending to HONG KONG, right? Not mainland China? And finally — if going to write about people criticizing as potential threat to free speech, need a quote or something from someone saying that re: this law… otherwise think it’s pre-emptive to say that. Do you have that // is it possible to speak to someone about the impact of this?

    1. Rewrite

      Thank you for the feedback. I usually write opinion-articles, and writing news reports is new to me. I needed more direction with what I was saying, and I think I focused on the wrong part of the story. I appreciate your help.

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