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    love this. really hope it grows to be a reliable source of news!

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    This is an awesome project and I’ve been following it since it’s announcement!

    One thing I’d hope to see in the future is to allow WikiTribune to be a source in Google News as well as a source for Google Newsstand. Those are two apps I use mainly to check the news for the day.

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      I’ll put this in the feedback section 🙂

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    It sounds like an exciting project!

    Apart from a “fake-free” news site (whatever that might mean) I also hope that there are some good ideas how to self-moderate the discussions or talks after an article has been posted.

    I think that today all existing news sites that post political articles lack meaningful discussions where users can share insights without insults and opposing opinions in an intelligent way. I have to this day not found a single website where this is consistently happening.

    I do have the naive belief that somebody can come up with a smart set of guidance rules to keep a discussion civilized and flowing at the same time. Maybe this is the place to figure those out.

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    I’m so excited for WikiTribune! I always loved the idea of collaborative reporting. This is going to be a great place.

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    First, thank you! I’m excited to see how this project develops … or, more exactly, how We the People develop it, under your guidance and stewardship 🙂

    I made some minor edits, which felt weirder than editing a Wikipedia page, but I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to editing my own WordPress site, so maybe I was just having an idiosyncratic psychological reaction that should be ignored. (Thank goodness edits have to be approved!)

    But I think part of it is not (yet) having a robust Talk section and Talk culture where we know our ideas for edits will be challenged and debated. That sort of conversation can be quite distinct from the normal sorts of comments about the content of an article on a normal news site. Have you considered separating the discussion of revisions (“Your edit should be undone because…”) from comments on content (“That gosh darn White House!”)? Are you trying to discourage comments on content by lumping them under “Other talking point”? After all, there’s no shortage of places online to talk about the news.

    In any case, thank you again for putting something new and hopeful into the world.

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    Hoping that Jimbo will help combat Fake news. I am sure WikiTribune will work in that direction. And as always with you and for you Jimbo!! 🙂

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    I contributed a lot to Wikipedia, largely driven by the fact that I couldn’t stand that “something is wrong on the internet”. I hope WikiTribune can combat fake news. Excited to be part of the community.

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    Thanks for making this project. I can’t remember a time in my entire lifetime when it was more desperately needed, at least in the US.

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      Would’ve been nice to have 1.5 years ago, but I’m glad they took the time to develop this the right way instead of rushing something half-baked.

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    Very cool project. Congrats Jimmy! Looking forward to submitting improvements and thoughts on programming and crypto related articles (my personal expertise).

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    As a Canadian, I just liked that he used “eh”.

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    Tradition is Hello, World! with capital W, and exclamation point. I can agree to dropping the exclamation point but World here is as much a proper noun as WikiTribune and deserves capitalization

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      Jimmy Wales refers only to a computer program which print “Hello, world!”.
      The Wikipedia article of the “Hello, World!” program (,_World!%22_program) describes also the different writing styles (capital letters and/or exclamation mark).

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    i just got “approved” and am really looking forward to this project. Your “Hello World” is reminiscent of the script “hello” on the original Apple Macintosh.

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      Arthur, just curious — when you go to a Beta article, do you see an “EDIT” option on the frozen banner (at the top)? And if so, does it take you into a WordPress admin environment? I had access to that yesterday, but today it has been removed.

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        I do see an ‘Edit’ option. I did a screen capture but can’t upload it here. FWIW, here’s the URL I get:

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    Hi Jimmy! I think it would be great to have this info in Spanish too, so I already translated it. Do you know how I can add the translation?


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    I have some suggested improvements for this story:

    * ‘long standing’ should be ‘long-standing’
    – – –

    * ‘program which says’ should be ‘program that says’
    – – –

    * ‘The day I opened Wikipedia to the public’ probably should be ‘The day Larry Sanger and I opened Wikipedia to the public’
    – – –

    * ‘the trusted users … is treated’ is awkward due to the addition of ‘ — the community –‘. Perhaps replace ‘the community’ with ‘the community members’.

    * ‘As with any true wiki’ is awkward, since Wikitribune is not a true wiki. It’s an (apparently) open WordPress blog.

    * ‘quietly opened up and we plan’ should be ‘quietly opened up, and we plan’
    – – –

    Other than that, it’s quite well-written. I am frankly surprised that I already have “EDIT STORY” access to the admin menu of WordPress. I presume that that access will be taken away soon.

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      I believe your edits must be approved before they go live. But don’t be surprised – the community edibility is part of the whole point right?

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    vis-a-vis “Hello, world!” there is another “famous” phase that might be equally apropos that was “spoken” (or rather “typed”) from/on a PDP-11/20 VDH host (SU-DSL) as the first TCP/IP data transmission sent in Vint Cerf’s lab at Stanford: “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.”

    “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.” was(supposedly) the first intelligible words spoken over the telephone in 10 March 1876 by, viz.:

    yours truly was present in the room at this “happening” along with Vint’s students Jim Mathis (a colleague from/at SRI), Yogen Dalal and Dick Karp (who was the one who uttered/typed it) as best remembered/recalled.

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    jimmy, vis-a-vis your calling to “… please do tell a few people, especially people you trust, people you think are smart and kind and might be interested to join our merry band.”

    where do those few people we know and selectively evangelize WT to who are trustful/smart/etc go to sign up/get/join in?

    would you like (need?) them to perhaps provide a “referred/recommended by ___” as a matter of provenance and veracity?

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    Missing “be” here…”I want us to more concerned”

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