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    When editing, the existence of two fields for assigning categories was confusing for me. Then I found out:
    Under “Category”, one or more categories are being assigned to the article. Under “Primary category” one of the assigned categories is being qualified as primary.
    The “primary category” is presented when browsing titles. It has no effect on the topic lists.
    The assignment to topic lists is brought about by entries under “categories”.

    I took this as an example. “Environment” is primary, it is presented e.g. when browsing titles like here: Further category is “United States”. Conseqently, the article appeares in two topic lists.

    1. Is the above description correct? 2. I think it could be helpfull to explain the use of categories in the style guide or similar how-to’s.

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      Hi Ingrid 🙂
      Primary category and tags have recently been merged. That issue with the homepage will be looked at now.

      As a sidenote, the use of wp-admin to add/edit stories is something being gently fazed out and using it can sometimes create problems. No problems this time related to this but just bringing it up as I think it was used for these edits.

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        Hi, Simon, thank you for your re. You are right, I used wp-admin, not having known about the problems that you mention.

        As far as I know there are two editors, wp-admin and Front end (

        The save function of the latter often makes problems which is why I prefered to use the wp-admin- alias “Alternative Editor”. When I click at the “Save”-button of the Front end editor, the button display changes to “Saving” and stays so seemingly forever, but the article isn’t being saved.
        Then I must edit the original article again, copy my edited text thereto, click at the “Save”-button again. This second trial usually works. This proceeding is a little bit cumbersome 😉
        Is this problem already known? Do you know a solution? (I use Windows 7, Firefox 57.0.4)

        Furthermore, the Front Editor doesn’t provide an option to choose and assert a category. How can I afford this when using the Front Edito?

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    It seems “subhed” is journo slang, deliberately misspelt for reasons that elude me. Would “subhead” not be better in this context?

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    Also- on mobile I hate that the “published” nav element floats and takes up real estate. Literally steals focus from the story. If it were anchored to the top it would be less onerous

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    I’m not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but I think that you should make the headlines for articles links in the same way that you make “read more” link because I think most of us are used to clicking on headlines, and it seems clunky otherwise.

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    Many thanks! A long-needed reference.

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      Deleted User

      You’re very welcome Alejandro!

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