WikiTribune Community Posts: Contents

WikiTribune Community Posts: Contents (draft)

Status: Feb. 3rd, 2019. Needs to be continuously updated. Still only roughly sorted.

Since the beginning of the WT project, a lot of helpful and interesting community posts have been developed. But it is to be feared, that many of them are remembered no more by lack of overview, which this compilation aimes to prevent.

Something missing?
Got another idea?

How to write an article
Special issues
Coverage of topics: Guidelines
Tips, suggested resources, existing stories, …
Should be updated regularly and expanded.
Cooperation on topics
Compilation of explainatory and other information, resources, …
Should be updated and expanded.
Cooperation on single stories
[ToDo: check which of the stories are meanwhile finished]


How to get started at WikiTribune

5 easy ways you can help WikiTribune

— Discussion

WikiTribune: Community Feedback February 2018

Feed back on everything please

WikiTribune: a community contributor’s concerns

WikiTribune Dead?

Developing a Standard WT article structure

Letter from Jimmy and Orit: What we have learned so far

Going full wiki!

— Rules

Ethics statement

Conduct on WikiTribune — what you can expect, what we expect

Diversity at and on WikiTribune

Conflict of interest policy

Conflict of Interest policy (draft)

Real names policy — a note from Jimmy Wales

Blocking — the how and the why by Jimmy Wales

— Miscellaneous

Supporting community round tables / fora?

Community generated news feed

Your Response Needed: Survey for Homepage Redesign

Beta Testing on DEV

Announcement: WikiTribune en Español has launched

Come chat with the community on Discord!

How to write an article

— Basics

How to add a story, or edit an existing story

How to write a piece of journalism for WikiTribune

News Stubs: a way to get into a developing story

When to click on “Publish”

Style on WikiTribune


Sources – Reliable sources: where WikiTribune community looks

Sources – International list and analysis of news sources

Seven steps to creating a new fact check on WikiTribune

#GoodNews4GD: #3rdDegreeOfClarity “Evidence-Based Journalism”

— Special issues

Anonymous sources


Images, Multimedia

Languages and translations

Corrections and amplifications

Meeting the Thought Leaders

Data Visualization – Implementation at WT

Eventually have a truth rating on every article

Homepage Algorithm (sorting method)

WikiTribune’s open-source code and tools

Freedom of Information Requests

What categories should WikiTribune use for claims?

Coverage of Topics: Guidelines

Big reads (a stub)






Hyper-Local News


Open data

— Global affairs

— UK

— U.S.



Cooperation on topics

Big data: Will big data break liberal democracy?


Cyber War Sourcebook

Distributed Ledgers

Drug War – Is the Drug War a toxic process?

Fact checking: Wikiproject

Fact checking: “Check One Claim” campaign

Government surveillance: can there be more transparency in how it’s conducted?

Labor in the U.S.



US gun ownership — attitudes and history and outlook

Water WikiProject

World consciousness – Rising World Consciousness

Cooperation on single stories

Assassins, nerve agents, radioactive material (story has vanished)

Help cover the extent of Cambridge Analytica’s international reach

Escalation of violations in Afrin: Raids and kidnappings of women and Yazidis

Forest fires rage through Sweden, prompting international assistance

Fusion power is near, not far

Trump, tabloids, and the paparazzi

Proposal for fact-check: Israel claims environmental organisation is linked to Hezbollah

Putin’s Foreign Policy Concept


The #marchforourlives protests

FakeNewsBusters use BlockChain – initial draft

How to end misogyny in the news industry: A call to REAL action for organisations worldwide

Here’s why the critical housing shortage in US is most severe on the West Coast

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