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Fiona Apps

Fiona Apps

"Story idea - A report on pseudoscienc..."
Fiona Apps

Fiona Apps

"Please feel free to add yourselves to..."
Marielle Volz

Marielle Volz

"Can we add ourselves to this? Maybe u..."

Project: Medicine is dedicated to providing and discussing quality coverage of medicine on WikiTribune. For related Projects go to ‘See Also’ below. Please edit and add to everything as you see fit.

You can pitch ideas on the TALK page, or for more topical issues, on the Daily News Agenda.

Rough guidelines and tips:

  1. Never use a non-peer-reviewed journal. Predatory journals are known to publish information that may be misleading
  2. Don’t just rely on the extract of an article or study – you may miss important nuances in the main text
  3. Any meta-study analysis of a claim is something to be considered
  4. If there is controversy over a claim, make sure to include it with the weight it is due (i.e. AIDs denialism has no place in a medical article, but discussion on various studies and hypothesis surrounding its effects might)

Before creating your story, remember to check out our how-to guide, style guidelines, and a list of sources most trusted by the WikiTribune staff.

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17 November 2017

( tax ) .. - Tag Assad created; 06:25:44, 17 Nov 2017.. Jodie DeJonge (talk | contribs)‎ ( created )

13 November 2017

15:51:37, 13 Nov 2017 . .‎ Fiona Apps (Updated → Adding story)

06 November 2017

11:17:15, 06 Nov 2017 . .‎ Fiona Apps (Updated → Updating link)

02 November 2017

15:19:09, 02 Nov 2017 . .‎ Fiona Apps (Updated → Adding links, fmt, etc)

31 October 2017

25 October 2017

• (view) . . Comment: Daily News Agenda: Friday‎; 11:01:04, 25 Oct 2017 . . Vlad Bourceanu (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> Yes, I think the newspapers idea is a fantastic idea. Trouble is, most UK newspapers have been (as far as I've seen, at least) hugely partisan over the issue - on both sides of the argument. This is where WikiTribune could come in, I feel - it's all crying out for some impartial, fair and accurate reporting, which won't go overboard either way but will present things factually, such as they are and let the reader make up his/her own mind themselves. But yes - we could again show what the media thinks, so long as we do it in a balanced way? and yes, the "human interest" piece would indeed be an interesting bonus, I think. Happy to help in any way you'd like me to - and yes, will talk from now on on the story's TALK page (replied here, this one time, for the sake of the topic's coherence). Thank you! )

23 October 2017

16:47:19, 23 Oct 2017 . .‎ Peter Bale (Updated → Updated)
16:46:42, 23 Oct 2017 . .‎ Peter Bale (Updated → Edited and published, PGB)

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  1. Story idea – A report on pseudoscience surrounding women’s beauty products and feminine hygiene products, in reaction to Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. Possible sources: Dr. Jen Gunter, expert in women’s health (4 years of medical school, a 5 year OB/GYN residency).

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    Marielle Volz
    Marielle Volz

    Can we add ourselves to this? Maybe under a volunteer heading?

    1. Rewrite

      Please feel free to add yourselves to this under the ‘journalist’ heading although if you’d rather make another one for community journalists that would work too!

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