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Dan Marsh

"I think the media library still needs..."
Fiona Apps

Fiona Apps

"And this is why I'm not a writer! Tha..."
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Pete Young

"Hi, Fiona, just a small thought: the ..."
Fiona Apps

Fiona Apps

"If you have the correct permission an..."

Welcome to Project: Images at WikiTribune

Images is dedicated to photographic contributions and other multimedia requests or questions as needed. Sometimes this will be from rolling news and sometimes this will be choosing the right image for a long-form piece. Occasionally, journalists may ask for assistance verifying whether an image is authentic or not. Guidelines, tips, and ideas are all mutable so please edit and improve.

Rough guidelines and tips:

  1. You can always check for existing articles needing images at the relevant category.
  2. If a breaking news story needs images, don’t be afraid to ask on Twitter for an image donation (proof of permission and relevant licensing will be required)
  3. Always include license details on any images you upload, and accredit the author appropriately. You can find descriptions of the different licenses here.
  4. If unsure about which license is most appropriate, or whether an image can be uploaded, ask on this project’s Talk Page and someone will be happy to respond.

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19 March 2018

( tax ) .. - Tag The Making of the Tabloid Presidency created; 11:05:47, 19 Mar 2018.. George Engels (talk | contribs)‎ ( created )

15 March 2018

12 January 2018

28 November 2017

• (view) . . Comment: Sources - where WikiTribune staff look first‎; 01:46:48, 28 Nov 2017 . . Gareth Lewis (talk | contribs)‎‎ ( Comment -> This isn't a source for breaking news and isn't a newspaper, but I was wondering if some sort of partnership or connection would work with intelligence squared debates. The debates are always very topical and informative and seem like many would be logical stories. )

16 November 2017

13:35:49, 16 Nov 2017 . .‎ Francis Augusto (Updated → deleting words)

07 November 2017

03 November 2017

31 October 2017

16:56:33, 31 Oct 2017 . .‎ Francis Augusto (Updated → removed copy)
15:40:43, 31 Oct 2017 . .‎ Francis Augusto (Updated → new copy)
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30 October 2017

08:36:20, 30 Oct 2017 . .‎ Fiona Apps (Updated → Accepting edit)

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  1. I think the media library still needs a bit more work.

    At present, we can’t link back to the place where a photo was found, e.g. on Flikr, Creative Commons, etc. The place where it was probably originally uploaded to the Internet, where the original licence can be found.

    I see some photos have been uploaded without the licence fields being filled-in.

    For example:

    Looks like it is OK to use this photo because it was taken by a US government worker, Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Lock. But no licence or source has been given.

  2. Hi, Fiona, just a small thought: the word “images” is repeated five times between the headline and the first sentence. If it wouldn’t change the meaning, would it be possible to substitute “pictures” or “photos” in a couple of places to avoid the repetition?

    1. And this is why I’m not a writer! Thank you. Synonyms are my friend.

  3. Rewrite
    Marielle Volz
    Marielle Volz

    Can copyrighted images be used if we have the correct permission?

    1. Rewrite

      If you have the correct permission and there’s clear evidence (either available on-platform or on request) I think that is ok at this time. That might change and we are of course pushing for much open content as possible! It has to be clearly labelled on uploading though due to obvious re-use issues.

      (Of course this can change at any point)

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