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    I would love to see a discussion on market externalities.

    Part A might focus on the acceptance and implementations of carbon pricing.

    Part B would address the latest theories on market-based economic systems designed to capture and correct externalities. In other words, let’s shed light on any developments of theory and technology that would make the concept of Pigouvian taxes irrelevant or obsolete.

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    Considering the impending/in-process global stock market recession… and the overall, global, economic recession risk being rated at 50% before 2020 by JPMorgan now, I feel this should be a much higher priority. Also… further thought: would it not be useful to have stock market/economy articles produced on a regular basis so that *accurate* (and non-speculative) market data can be provided without paywalls to readers?

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    Please consider my post “Is Drucker’s Management Challenges for the Systemic Civilization on the opposite side force field of academic privilege? ( )” a quote about this project from Peter F. Drucker’s book “Management Challenges for the 21st Century.”

    This is a MANAGEMENT BOOK. It intentionally leaves out BUSINESS CHALLENGES – even very important ones such as the question of whether the Euro will displace the U.S. dollar as the world’s key currency, or what will SUCCEED the 19th century’s most successful economic inventions, the commercial bank and the investment bank. It intentionally does not concern itself with ECONOMICS – even though the basic MANAGEMENT changes (e.g., the emergence of knowledge as the economy’s key resource) will certainly necessitate radically new economic theory and equally radically new economic policy. This book does not concern itself with politics – not even with such crucial questions as whether Russia can and will recover as a political, military and economic power. It sticks with MANAGEMENT ISSUES.

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    I’m unable to take a look at the stories under construction, the link to the story being worked on serves me a 404. Perhaps these stories that are being worked on need to be published first before we can be linked to them?

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      These are links that need to be updated and unfortunately there have been some technical hiccups! All fixed now though so I’ll be updating them.

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    The coverage of economics is an area where propaganda from the monied interests is very high. There are a lot of unsupported assumptions in mainstream reporting that we need to bring an evidence based approach to address. I’ll be interested to see how it is handled here.

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    I’ve created this WikiProject but this is something that I know almost nothing about so the guidelines are even more mutable than usual. Help!

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