When to click on "Publish"

At WikiTribune, articles are currently posted in two states: “draft”, which indicates work in progress that may be in a very rough state, and “published”, which indicates work in progress that someone trusted in the community (very widely construed at the present time) has indicated is in some sense “ready”.  This essay is a community-edited document in which accepted guidelines for clicking on ‘Publish’ are outlined.  As access to this tool by the community-as-a-whole is quite new, this document is sparse – please add to it and discuss finer points on the talk page.

  1. At the present time, it is acceptable to click on ‘Publish’ on something you have written yourself, if necessary.  In general, in the future, this will be something to strongly avoid, but we are a small enough community right now that it would be pointless to introduce an artificial delay. Best practice, though, is to pop into the Discord #general channel and ask if someone can take a look at it for you.  A “second pair of eyes” is crucial for spotting bias and noting problems with sourcing.
  2. Before pushing “Publish” work diligently to make sure that all statements are sourced, either to a reliable third party source or to documentary evidence.  For example, if you quote a spokesperson for a company, you should link to the place where others can confirm the quote – a press release, a tweet, a video of a press conference, an official blog, etc. As much as possible try to ensure that your verification is not just from sources that share the same point of view on the issue.
  3. Please add more – this is just a very very rough stab!
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