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Francis Augusto

Francis Augusto

"Hi Gene, Thank you for getting in ..."
gene x hwang

gene x hwang

"I'm a photographer and have had work..."
Vlad Bourceanu

Vlad Bourceanu

"Thank you for your thoughtful questio..."

Jean-Jacques Subrenat

"Hello Vlad, one thing on which I woul..."

Culture at WikiTribune

Project: Culture is dedicated to providing and discussing quality coverage of topical cultural events on WikiTribune. For related Projects go to ‘See Also’ below. Guidelines, tips, and ideas are all mutable so please edit and improve. You can pitch ideas on the TALK page, or for more topical issues, on the Daily News Agenda.

Rough guidelines and tips:

  1. Avoid partisan reporting. Let the reader take what they want away from the article.
  2. Just because a subject comes across in a negative/positive light, does not mean coverage is ‘skewed’. Reporting on the facts is very different from steering the reader towards a conclusion. We should always aim to do the former, and not think of how the subject may end up being perceived subjectively in the eyes of the reader.
  3. Link to your sources, especially when making a statement about an event or something someone said.
  4. This is a given for all of our articles, but is particularly crucial for articles about culture: Never present anyone’s opinion as facts. In the event that an author includes a personal opinion, it must be clearly stated as such, with the person’s expertise in the area explicitly presented.
  5. When referencing cultural venues, etc., use the full descriptions the first time they’re mentioned. Do not use vague terms e.g. the gallery, the concert hall etc. This improves accuracy and avoids ambiguity. The same goes for artists, writers, etc. – include their position or job title when they are first mentioned in an article. Capitalise job titles but descriptions can be lowercase e.g. Maestro Bernard Haitink KBE later becomes the maestro.

Before creating your story, remember to check out our how-to guide, style guidelines, and a list of sources most trusted by the WikiTribune staff.

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  1. I’m a photographer and have had work in the NYT, US News and World Report and numerous other publications back to my college newspaper. Anyhow, wasn’t sure where to ask but I am happy to collaborate on projects to shoot photos etc where it can work logistically etc.

    1. Hi Gene,

      Thank you for getting in touch brother. My name is Francis (of course), I’ll be dropping you a message on you profile.


  2. Hello Vlad, one thing on which I would like to have the maestro’s opinion: ”Since Birmingham, you’ve been music director and conductor, as well as guest conductor, of some of the most accomplished orchestras in the world. Has conducting changed, both in scope and in style, say since the 1950s?” Thank you. Jean-Jacques.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful question, M. Subrenat. I’m afraid I kinda jumped the gun a little here – I really should have asked for feedback AFTER (and only IF) we are able to definitely secure the interview with Sir Simon – but, if it does go ahead, I will most definitely put your question to him. Many thanks!!!

  3. Hi everyone. Just a thought: Sir Simon Rattle is, as of this season, the new Music Director of the London Symphony Orchestra (after around 15 years at the helm of the Berlin Philharmonic). Would WikiTribune be interested in interviewing him? As a classical musician who has played under the batons of many of the greats myself, and as a former classical music critic, I feel that I could contact him personally for such an interview and would be happy to receive feedback and suggestions from everyone as to the questions you’d like me to ask him. Please let me know what WikiTribune would think of this suggestion? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Vlad. That sounds like a great idea and we would love to have an interview with him. From your expertise in classical music I expect you would be the best person to decide what approach to take to the interview and what questions to ask. I would be happy to give some feedback and a second perspective on your questions before the interview though. Cheers!

      1. Thanks Jack, this sounds perfect.

        You have mail, but I will try from now on to communicate everything that can be communicated publicly about this on here, promise – if that’s a good idea.

        As I said in the email, I would really like to get further feedback / questions, etc., from everyone at WikiTribune that’s interested in this project, so please feel free to message me if you have a burning question that you feel I should ask Sir Simon! And, yes, I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere with them before asking for your kind feedback, Jack, so really genuine thanks for ALL your kind help!!!

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