Project: Cryptocurrencies is dedicated to providing and discussing quality coverage of cryptocurrencies on WikiTribune. For related Projects go to ‘See Also’ below. Guidelines, tips, and ideas are all mutable so please edit and improve. Pitch new ideas on the Talk Page of this project or for more current events, on our Daily News Agenda.

Rough guidelines and tips:

  1. Make sure to note the status of any given concept or proposal. Are the uses hypothetical or have they been tested on a practical or preferably large scale?
  2. Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new field. This means what are facts one day may be fiction the next. Try and give due weight to competing ideas whenever appropriate and always find a secondary source to back up the first.
  3. Check the legal status of what is being reported on. Failure to mention, for example, whether or not a market is accessible to US fiat currency can at times be a failure to mention a potentially important part of coverage.
  4. If reporting on the impact of a subject, consider this from the mindset of the reader and their everyday life. This can include effects on the wider financial market and therefore the economy.

Before creating your story, remember to check out our how-to guide, style guidelines, and a list of sources most trusted by the WikiTribune staff.

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Talk about this Project

  1. New stories about Bitfinex – both their recent legal threats and the apparent impossibility of cashing tethers would be really interesting. Especially an explainer given that tethers/tether creation appear(s) to be one of the main things driving price increases (or they were)

  2. Be aware, the “suggested resources” mentions Reddit/r/Bitcoin amongst others.

    I do not claim to be an expert on Bitcoin matters however there is much controversy surrounding /r/Bitcoin.

    This community is moderated and controlled exclusively by members of a single company – Blockstream – and there is overwhelming evidence of manipulation and censorship in order to forward the interests of this company.
    Tread with caution. After the revelations of Russian manipulation of social media sites – Reddit included – the integrity of these communities must continually be challenged. There are further concerns in the /r/btc community regarding several moderators and external interests.

    1. Thank you for putting this on the talk page for others to see. As the content of Project space is community run please feel free to remove or add to these as you see fit. Giving people a head’s up is really helpful.

  3. No creo que este tipo de proyectos deberían incluirse en wikitribune. Cryptocurrencies no están legisladas, son volatiles y además están atadas a la ilegalidad.

  4. The “Will blockchain replace the business plan?” link leads to a 404 page.

    1. Really not sure why it’s doing that for you. Gonna put this here as an ‘is anyone else experiencing this?’ question. If you get that error again can you leave a note on my profile talk? I’ll have to look into it.

      1. It will show a 404 if you try to read without signing in, but since it’s a draft, I think that’s on purpose.

        1. Ah! Yes, that would be on purpose.

  5. The “Will blockchain replace the business plan?” link is broken.

    1. Huh. Works over here. Do you get a 404?

  6. The “Pitch Story Ideas Here” link leads to a 404.

    1. Sorry about that, dead page. Story pitches are now on TALK pages and the Daily Agenda where appropriate.

  7. WikiTribune journalist working on a story about ICOs — keen for thoughts/contributions

  8. I really want to know more about blockchain and its use as a security ID mechanism please?

  9. Coinbase are saying that they are going to be sticking with the original blockchain as they don’t know how long the new one (Bitcoin Cash) will last. Would be good to get perspectives on how people think that’s going to go and whether or not Bitcoin Cash will have longevity.

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