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Open data is data that can be used, modified and republished with few if any copyright restrictions. Different governments, non-profit organizations and private entities periodically release data. But in the past, use and reuse of these data came with a lot of restrictions and were also limited to a certain audience. However, like the open source movement, data is now released to the general public for scrutiny, use and reuse. That being said, it is important to note that open data is released with a licence that describes how the data can be used, whether or not it can be used for commercial purposes etc.

This project documents different aspects of open data, their providers, the licences and the discussions on the pros and cons of open data.


Whenever you want to write a story on the release of open data, don’t forget to mention the following information:

  • Data provider: Who is the provider of data? What type of organization or entity is responsible for this data? Is it a government or private institution?
  • Data collection method: How was the data collected by the provider? For example surveys, internal data, census data etc.
  • Licence: Common licence issues are:
    • Is the data released under public domain (PD) or one of the Creative Commons licenses (CC)
    • whether usage requires attribution (BY)
    • whether usage has to be equally openly licensed (look for share alike or SA conditions)
    • If derivative works are allowed (ND is the usual abbreviation for No Derivatives)
    • Whether “Commercial” use is allowed (NC is the usual abbreviation for No Commercial use)

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