Online notifications

List all notification types you’d like to see in a dropdown “bell” on the website. And think about the technical means of implementation and any design/privacy/etc. considerations.

Notification Types (users should be able to turn these on/off in their settings)

  • Someone sent me a direct message on Talk
    • Dev/design: Design and build notification bell/icon, including possible hover-over to see preview of message
  • Someone tagged me on a Talk page
    • Dev/design: Functionality does not yet exist.
  • Someone has edited a story I started or edited
    • Feature exists, but notification is currently only by email
  • Someone has edited a story that I have watch-listed (either by following “Updates” or “Talk”)
    • Feature exists, but notification is currently only by email
  • A story has been tagged with a tag I follow
    • Design/dev: Need an area in profile to search for tags to follow. Also need a button in the tag list allowing easy following of tags. Potentially a hover-over or a small icon next to the tag to follow/unfollow.
  • A story has been tagged with a geographic region I follow (country, state, etc.)
    • Design/dev: same as above, but potentially could be a separate type of tag (or presented in a different area of the homepage. Potentially could be presented as a map, and the user could click on it.
  • Reminder to fill in user profile, including a reminder to add a LinkedIn or other identity validation link in the profile
    • This could be a part of a series of “smart” messages that thank people for joining, encourage them to contribute again, ask them to continue filling out their profile, and ping them when a topic they’re interested in has been updated.
  • I have received “verification” (this kind of user hierarchy TBD)
    • Design/dev: This feature would require establishing a hierarchy of contributors with various levels of privileges. Currently some people earn the right to publish an article, but there could be other privileges, such as ability to give other contributors permissions, promote an urgent article to the top of the home page, send private direct messages to other users, etc.
  • … what else?

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