History for Analysis of News Sources

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Note → minor changes

**** Latest version ****
Note → Private Eye - fill gap
2018-10-22 11:44:07 ... Fiona Apps (talk | contribs)
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2018-10-22 11:39:28 ... Eduard Castellano (talk | contribs)
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2018-10-22 11:18:09 ... Eduard Castellano (talk | contribs)
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2018-10-22 10:46:31 ... Fiona Apps (talk | contribs)
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Note → Adding image
Note → Revised edit, adjusted translation to quoted source El País
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Note → More detailed explanation of a controversy.
2018-08-30 15:13:09 ... Deleted User
Note → additions by Alejandro Telleria-Torres
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Note → Updated media, Brazil
2018-08-30 11:48:40 ... Deleted User
Note → style tweaks
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Note → Updated media Spain, Peru
Note → Complementary information
Note → update
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Note → Updated Spanish media
2018-08-20 15:59:46 ... Deleted User
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2018-08-20 15:58:12 ... Deleted User
Note → fomat
2018-08-20 15:56:43 ... Deleted User
Note → edits
Note → RE-add HTML
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Note → Removing owner
Note → Should be adding in blank space
Note → Adding headers in html
Note → Adding new header
Note → Changing html(again)
Note → Test
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Note → This shouldn't be a draft - moving to published
Note → Adding CTA banners
Note → added Hungary: Élet és Irodalom
Note → infolibre newspaper informaticon, more info space.
Note → Styling: fix some blocks
Note → Styling: wrapped sources in boxes using with a special styling
Note → added political view of "neues deutschland"
Note → added owner of "neues deutschland"
Note → added German paper
Note → started list of news sources of Germany
Note → BBC: Add recent controversis
Note → El País bias
Note → added resources
Note → made an index
Note → Change link to more authoritative NASDAQ source; 04282016 TWP not listed as Amazon subsidiary
Note → add information about The Washington Post
Note → tried to improve the headings...
Note → Add private Eye, a UK satirical and current affairs magazine.
Note → Added Hong Kong session with 1 news agency
Note → revise link on Politico funding to gsa.gov FPDS procurement; add FPDS link to NYT funding info.
Note → add information about Politico from sources as linked in the profile
Note → Guardian funding.
Note → Moved US heading, FT is a British paper.
Note → Guardian political views.
Note → BBC political views.
Note → Lower case "s" as per standard style.
Note → Changing name per community discussion
Note → BBC funding.
Note → style changes: "1" to "one", add italics to names of publications, fix misspelling, minor edit
Note → add information about The New York Times retrieved from multiple sources as referenced in the links
Note → Tweaking guidelines as I think they should be
Note → evidence-based controversies
Note → added information to France, Spain and United Kingdom sections
Note → made minor edits to language and added a sentence to clarify this is a community-driven project
Note → Project dedicated to provide a reference of sources that are mentioned on the news
2017-11-01 23:14:00 ... Eduard Castellano (talk | contribs)

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