How to tag an article



Steps to tag an article:

  • Identify the core topic(s) of the article.
  • All WT articles on a topic should share a tag.
    Search within WT. If there is already another article on your topic, tag your article accordingly.
  • If there is no existing tag, find one or more terms which precisely describe the topic.
  • Often there is more than one tag needed for to describe the topic. Consider whether
    – the place,
    – the time or
    – the form (of your article)
    have to be tagged.
  • Draw the tags into a meaningful order. The first tag is being shown in list displays.

Find out the best tag: rules and tools

  • Choose a term which is commonly used in everyday language.
    [Proposal for discussion:]
    If a trendy term is circulating, take it but with feel: on the one hand, trendy terms are appropriate for WT as a news media, on the other hand, WT focusses on in depth reporting more than on highly actual news. Thus consider the persistence of the term and keep in mind: WT does not allow non-neutral terms.
  • Use a narrow term.
  • Capitalize the tag resp. the first word of a multi-word tag.
  • Use the plural form.
  • If appropriate, a tag may consist of a term followed by a date, e. g.
    “Presidential election 2016”, not: “2016 presidential election”.
  • As a rule, don’t mark the tag as a hashtag (“#”). Exception: the hashtag as such is subject of the article.
  • Tools for to find a term are:
    Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
    Consider the Wikipedia and LCSH as an aid, they are not binding.
    A useful feature of the LCSH is that it mentions broader and narrower terms.
    Google shows in how far a term is used.
    Rules of the Library of Congress may serve as an inspiration:

Further ideas, outstanding issues

Broad terms

Initionally, WT had used categories which in the tag context are “broad terms”. Meanwhile, categories and tags have been merged, but
– there is no instruction on how to use broad terms and
– former categories are not identified.
The issue of broad terms will have to be discussed.

Tag filter on the homepage

Which are the selection criteria for the drop-down list of tags in the left column? Which is the sort criterion?

Tag search field

Should there be offered a field for tag searches additionally to the site search in order to make use of the advantages of intellectual tagging?

Form tags (“Article type”)

Shouldn’t the “Article types” section of the advanced editor be integrated in the standard edit form too?

Handling of synonyms

Up to now, there is no rule concerning symonyms.  Probably the tag list contains undetected synonmys which have been added deliberately for additional access or accidently. There are (at least) three options:

  • optimal solution, but requires programming: managing synonyms.
  • adding synonyms if considered necessary, best with a note in the description fields of the tags, provided that the description is integrated in the editor.
  • avoid synonyms


  • TODO tags

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