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    Just made three attempts to correct Lieu’s name, hitting save doesn’t seem to work

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    I’d be interested on peoples thoughts on a ‘date article created’ being listed alongside the last edited time- I think it would help to identify current news and help to provide a time-frame for when articles were created.

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      I completely agree. Currently it states the last time edited, right?
      It reminds me of news outlets on social media that repost less recent or sometimes even months old headlines to bring in more views as if they concern recent happenings.

      The new home page design certainly is a step in the right direction (at least we are able to customise it to our own liking now), but as it stands it is nearly impossible for the casual news reader to get their news fix from WikiTribune (and then ideally stumble upon articles they can contribute to).
      I get that the idea is that WikiTribune isn’t a traditional or even typical news site, but I have no idea why anyone would think having weeks, sometimes even months, old news on the default home page of a website (that supposedly aims to fix the news) is a good idea (unless there’s a big update on the story that somehow makes it relevant again).

      Edited: 2018-12-20 09:16:34 By Ferdinand Quist (talk | contribs) + 12 Characters .. + 1% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

      Edited: 2018-12-20 09:16:37 By Ferdinand Quist (talk | contribs) + 8 Characters .. + 0% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

      Edited: 2018-12-20 09:49:19 By Ferdinand Quist (talk | contribs) + 90 Characters .. + 10% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

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        We have an ongoing survey about how we should tweak the homepage algorithm to be more relevant to people’s interests. It would be great to get your input as we update it!

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    Cannot link to talk page, even when it is correct, which is the sanitization turns it into, which doesn’t work.

    Please fix.

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      Hi, Elijah, thank you for reporting the bug. I have just passed it to the development team.

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      Hi Elijah, thanks to Simon the link is working now.

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        Thanks for fixing this quickly, I think more people will use this particular talk page now to discuss!

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    I would like to be able to contribute local news to WikiTribune, for my case it would be in the Hillsboro, Oregon, US area (near Portland, Oregon).

    Edited: 2018-12-12 20:42:39 By Elijah Lynn (talk | contribs) + 87 Characters .. + 135% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

    Edited: 2018-12-12 20:59:41 By Elijah Lynn (talk | contribs) 0 Characters .. 0% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

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    Hi, WT

    I am concerned with the amount of spam articles I’m seeing – and how the same authors seem to be able to come back time after time with more spam articles. Perhaps due to the interests I’ve registered, I seem to see a lot of Bitcoin promos.
    I’ve flagged up some obvious spam articles – at best opinion pieces, at worst pure spam – certainly not news in any way shape or form. Only to see the same author bye-lined on another article a few days later. It’s not even as if they are good articles; they are poorly referenced, and read like so many PR-authored articles.
    It seems to vital the WT weeds this out at an early stage, even if it means doing so manually, as a reputation once tarnished cannot easily be rehabilitated.

    Edited: 2018-10-18 12:47:42 By Andrew Heenan (talk | contribs) + 23 Characters .. + 3% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

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    Where is a bug tracker or tech talk for this project? Are you on IRC? Also, why are there no categories? What if I want to see only tech related articles, etc. There should be cats like in MW. Also I don’t really understand why you started making a new closed source wiki software, instead of running some heavily modified MW installation.

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    Hi WikiTribune

    I haven’t been on here for a little while, but just been having another look and am liking the “Fact Check” articles.

    This seems like a useful niche for WikiTribune to be filling, especially given its association with Wikipedia and the reputation that already has for impartiality, and I think this makes a very positive contribution to the wider news-scape!

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    Hello WikiTribune

    Atomic commits (feature request)

    I just made to two separate (and self-contained) commits with their own commit messages to a developing story (on Plan-S for OA science). If this was git (or GitHub), these two commits would have stayed separate and could have been accepted or rejected individually. WikiTribune instead squashed both commits into the one save and necessarily obliterated the first commit message. I don’t think this is great practice and also counter-intuitive to programmers.

    with best wishes, Robbie

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    Timestamps on edit histories need timezone information as per ISO 8601.

    As it stands, the string “2018-09-04 19:10:01” could be DST (British daylight saving time and currently active) or GMT (same UTC and often noted Z). See wikipedia (of course) for more information on unambiguous timestamps:

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      Hello Robbie – thank you for this. Will add to Trello board and review with our dev team. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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    When editing a story on mobile, pasting text makes it appear at the top of the story, regardless of where it was supposed to be placed. (I am on Android, using Firefox.)

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      Thank you for this feedback. Will add this to our Trello board for review. We are aware of few issues on mobile and it is something we are looking to improve

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    Defect report: Profiles do not display complete user information

    Repro steps:
    1) Go to a user profile page and click “edit profile”

    2) Enter information in the “About you” box

    3) Click “update profile”

    4) Click “view profile”

    Expected behaviour:
    The information in the “about you” box is displayed

    Observed behaviour:
    The user’s name is displayed along with a twitter icon. Then a list of their recent edits. No other information is displayed.

    If the user is able to provide information which is designed for public viewing, it should be viewable.

    Platform: Chrome on Windows.

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      Thanks Simon, we’ve added this and the other reports to our Trello board and will be investigating in due course. Many thanks for flagging all this up, it is all very much appreciated

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    Defect report: editing a comment on this page introduces markup

    Repro steps:

    1) Write a comment on this page which contains line breaks and a link such as <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

    2) Submit the comment

    3) Click “edit” below the comment

    4) Alter one character

    5) Save the changes with a comment such as “test”

    Expected behaviour:<br>
    The comment is amended as per the changes

    Observed behaviour:<br>
    The text “” is introduced where there are linebreaks. The URL becomes an escaped HTML URL.

    Editing a comment should no introduce markup. Especially incorrect markup.

    Edited: 2018-08-17 11:20:36 By Simon Keller Ziegler (talk | contribs) + 130 Characters .. + 21% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

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    Defect report: cannot edit user profile if surname name contains a hyphen

    Repro steps:<br>
    1) Create a profile with a name that is hyphenated (I used “Keller-Ziegler”). Note that this profile was created some time ago and I do not know if it is still possible to create a user with a hyphen.

    2) Go to this page: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

    3) Edit the “About you” section

    4) Click “Update profile”

    Expected result:<br>
    Profile updates to contain new information

    Observed result:<br>
    Error is displayed: “Sorry, we don’t allow names with non-standard characters in, please try again”

    The user cannot update their profile until the hyphen is removed.

    Hyphens are a common character for use in surnames.

    Edited: 2018-08-17 11:17:21 By Simon Keller Ziegler (talk | contribs) + 159 Characters .. + 21% change.‎‎ (Note | Diff)

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    The edting was straight-forward enough. But theby-lines changed to my name, which was thoroughly inadvertant. I changed one small typo in Harry Ridgwell’s story about atheist churches. I did some formatting changes in Charles Turner’s story about Rohingya repatriation. Now I have byline in both stories and the edit function does not seem to work on the byline. (I already wrote Harry an apology note; I will do the same to Charles, and probably Harry too, on Slack.)

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    Very recently (Id say today) you introduces some changes on how the site is rendered in mobile devices
    Am I the only one that finds the main text layout “sub-optimal”?

    1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

      Even I found the same. I just joined and don’t know how to proceed. The person with prior wiki knowledge will be able to understand this. But making it user friendly can help the website a lot with navigation details and how to proceed.

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    I see that you guys are using Sage 8 as the basis for your WordPress theme. I’m a lead developer of Sage, and if you need any help with anything regarding Sage or WordPress in general, feel free to reach out.

    (Out of respect to your “real name policy,” I won’t be using this account to edit any articles or participate in the journalism aspect of the site. I’m only here to donate technical support if you desire it.)

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      Yes! We are big fans of Sage, there are so many things that enable us to build a clean and performant theme that got us to launch much more quickly; base.php, soil, bootstrap, gulp set-up, asset pipeline. We are mostly still on Sage 7 as we preferred vanilla PHP over blade (although many advantages of this I know). Also not quite ready for webpack, so still using gulp in our development workflow (I know, I know).

      We’ve obviously customised the theme somewhat, but would love to discuss any thoughts you might have regarding WikiTribune and how we might best leverage some of the newer features of Sage 8. Happy to discuss here or you can email me rich [dot] holman [at]

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    If possible, I would like to have an rss feed for “drafts” too.

    This one ( ) seems not updated (last entry in 2017).

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    Published seems an odd classification for some articles. I have seen multiple articles with no content yet (or just setup content like what will go into the article) that are marked as published but really they seem to be in a research/drafting phase rather than the article being ready to read. Even if edits are expected, knowing when the core content is done over just the article is being worked on would be useful.

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    I use gmail from a firefox platform.
    When a long message or response which fills an entire 15″ screen is posted *without* paragraph breaks, it is exceedingly difficult to read.
    That was the core of my concern.

    1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

      Thank you for letting me know Peter! I’ll see how we can look into minimising that. I see what you mean about talk comments without paragraph breaks.

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    I want the community to know that on June 9th I released to the public my book “El Universo Antrópico” which you can read free of charge here:

    The book covers a wide array of topics, including the Theory of Information. If my ideas are right (only time will tell) all structures in the Universe are essentially made of information, which provides an explanation to topics that currently are without one, such as the existence of life or conscience.

    I use the Theory of Information to build an Informatic Theory of Societal Development and explain that our contemporary societies exist in a stage of development I call the Third and are currently transitioning into the Fourth. In plain words, the changes we’re currently experiencing (Internet, mobile telephony, crypto-currencies and so on) are just a timid introduction of the profound changes waiting to happen in the next stage. For example, rather than evolving into a separate branch of knowledge, nano-technology will simply merge with Biology and we’ll master the art of writing genetic code at will and produce organic structures capable of manufacturing virtually anything you can imagine. Given that organisms self-replicate and self-sustain, we could potentially build cities over night.

    Internet as we know it today will cease to exist very soon and it will be replaced with more sophisticated information networks (rather than passively waiting for that to happen, I went to file a patent application for what I call Alternet on December). This is no minor change: combined with other technologies such as CNC (robots) the economic production will shift from specialization (I produce to sell and others produce for me to buy) to self-sufficiency (I produce for my own consumption). Don’t underestimate this change: given that most societal relationships today depend on mutual necessity, the existing social order will quickly collapse, posing a tremendous challenge to our societies. For example, will there be judges or cops when people no longer needs a salary?

    Anyway, I write this because want other members to know that I’ve been denied the site to promote my book. In my view, the reasons exposed doesn’t matter; in the end, the bottom issue is that the book will no be given coverage. We already had this discussion in December when I published my story on Alternet: some people kept insisting that it was “conflict of interest” for me to write about my own work but as you can see, the world didn’t burst into flames. We obey rules just for the benefit they provide. No benefit, no compliance. For those who insist that we obey rules simply because we must, I’ll remind you that slavery was once legal and enforced by the state. It’s a matter of bravery and cowardice: some people just don’t have the inner integrity and courage it takes to swim upstream.

    I stick to Peter Bale’s definition of news: “new, true and in the public interest”. El Universo Antrópico is new. El Universo Antrópico can be reviewed by anyone (it’s true in the sense that it exists). And El Universo Antrópico is in the public interest (it’s not a memory from my own infancy; it covers the most important topics of our age). Maybe everything what I say is nonsense, but isn’t that for the public opinion to decide? We just inform. And here, we’re failing our duty to inform.

    1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

      Self promotion is spam. Pure & Simple.
      If you have news, even if it duplicates some of your work, then it should be written. But your motivation is all wrong. You aren’t interested in telling the truth, you simply want to sell your book.
      You are not alone: virtually every ‘article’ I see here falls into one of three categories: Spam, Blog, or journo practice. Virtually never actual news. And this is now so ingrained in the system that I can’t see WT ever achieving it’s stated aim of being a news platform.
      Hence I’m out. I wish you luck in selling your book, but it would sell better if you concentrate on the issue, and then the curious would find your book for themselves.
      And to anyone else here … thanks for all the fish and goodbye.

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    Even EULA’s are rarely full page(s) of text without a paragraph break. If you want readers, do not write prose which is as dense as a field of Evergreen blackberries.

    1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

      We use a lot of paragraph breaks which suggests that something has gone wrong with the UI. Could you please let me know how you’re accessing the site so that we can test/fix this?

  22. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)
    Deleted User

    I have a few suggestions for fact-checks and some standarderized language. Here are some suggested ratings.

    1. True
    2. Mostly true
    3. Mostly false
    4. False
    5. Needs context
    6. True but misleading
    7. Undetermined

    1-4 don’t need much explanation (I hope). However I think we need 5, 6 and 7. which adds nuance to our ratings and to standardize them.

    Claims with one publicly verifiable uncontroversial source should be rated “mostly true” (unless there are counter claims from equally legit counter sources). Claims with clear video evidence or multiple independent verification from scientific or otherwise uncontroversial sources should be rated “true.”

    “Needs context”: Sometimes a claim can be strictly speaking false but the person misspoke or made a claim that needs more context for evaluation. One recent fact-check here illustrates this.

    There was the fact-check on Bernie Sanders’s claim that “43% can’t afford basics” of life. He made two other claims next to that claim in his tweet. The other two claims in his tweet had explicitly said “Americans” and “adults.” I found the study he used for those two claims and they asked American adults to survey their financial situations.

    So one might assume the 43% are American adults. Nope. He got the 43% from another study which surveyed the financial situation of households, not individual people. So while it is true of households, because he made it seem like it was of “American adults” by the context, I rated it “not completely accurate.” I didn’t want to say it was false because I figured that language was a little too strong. I also did’t want to say it was “mostly false” because it is true (at least according to one source) once put in the right context.

    I usually give people charitable interpretations (especially if they are speaking off-the-cuff or if English isn’t their primary language, which isn’t the case for Sanders, but still). So that claim needed more context. So looking back, I would rate this as “needs more context”.

    One can also make true but misleading claims. Example, say someone is asked whether they support some public policy X. They say yes because states with policy X have lower cancer, which is true as shown by high-quality studies.

    However, let’s say that all the high-quality studies show that this is merely a spurious correlation and that it’s not policy X that caused the lower cancer rate but some other factor that causes both (say the state’s economic development level). In other words, states with more financial resources are able to curb cancer and to implement policies like X.

    In this case what the person said was true but it’s misleading because policy X will not cause any lowering of cancer in a state. It’s merely statistical correlational.

    Some claims are hard or impossible to verify or have differing accounts from equally legitimate sources. These should be rated “undetermined” some something similar in meaning.

    Any suggestions on improvement to these?

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    Front page not being displayed correctly.

    The homepage at looks like it is being displayed using the default generic style, i.e. without the custom style and images.

    I am using Google Chrome and Windows 10.

    1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

      Hi Dan! Sounds like you might be seeing the new redesign? Or is this without any css at all?

      1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

        The CSS looks like it could be the default style rather than WikiTribune’s style. It has 4 tabs at the top, all, published, drafts and wiki projects, and then some headlines in boxes below. No images/photos.

        Other pages look fine, like a newspaper style, such as:

        1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

          Thank you for the screenshot! That is definitely how it should be looking right now. What do you think?

          1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

            Well, it doesn’t look like a front page, more like the backend for staff.

            Perhaps that’s the idea? To encourage people to edit.

            I can understand it may be that the front page isn’t the main entry point anyhow, that visitors could be arriving from Twitter, etc.

            1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

              It’s meant to be the front page, and not because people don’t arrive there, but because I want people to arrive there.

              Yes, it doesn’t look like a traditional news site, more like reddit. And that’s the point: we want people to pop in and understand immediately that this isn’t “broadcast” like CNN or the BBC or Fox, it’s “participation” – you can edit.

              (As a side note, it’s worked incredibly well in terms of helping people get started. More changes to come!)

              1. [ This comment is from a user you have muted ] (show)

                I’m not sure Jimmy, I think you’re misdiagnosing the issue here. You obviously want the site to grow by emphasizing that people are welcome to contribute, but you seem to overlook that news stories are quite different in nature than encyclopedic entries.

                Wikipedia grew fast because most people are knowledgeable about something and they were given a meeting point and enough time to collectively build upon that knowledge.

                However, the topics covered in the news are largely unknown by the public, meaning that people didn’t contribute, not because they found the site hard to use, but simply because they had nothing to add to it. And it doesn’t help that news expire quickly.

                The site was fine as it was. We’re simply not meant to grow as fast as Wikipedia.

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