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    Being strict re: News vs. Openion and any other issues that harm the credibility of the Journalism industry / community will be part of the agreement that will be signed between the community and any new member. The enforcement of the agreement as well as the R&P (Reword & Punishment) and the Scoring will be executed and managed by Algorithms, that will be configured by the community.
    Once again I’m calling Journalists and BlockChain / Other DLT experts to spend some time and sketch s draft system description. I’ll be more than happy to coordinate such endeavor.

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    This sounds good. Although, I think we have to be absolutely strict about what is fact and what is opinion. It is common practice for, so called, preferred, news sources, to accept a narrative that is based entirely on propaganda and opinion without ever being challenged by the news caster or editor. It would be a great idea if all media outlets did a fact check on news stories after the report or interview, while still on air to set the record straight for the public immediately. I have seen too often the BBC allow interviewees to spout off all kinds propaganda without a challenge or request for evidence of any sort by the interviewer. What puzzles me is: How do WikiT call the BBC a preferred news source?.. without further comment?..

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    Dear WT Contributors & staffs,

    Since, as far as I know, this is the first time this idea is aired, I will appreciate any comment about viability of it from BlockChain or journalists. I’m sure there are a lot of questions that need answers. At this point the first question to be answered is whether any additional question should be asked at all.

    Thanks in advance,

    Moshe Maayan

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