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Robin Boardman

Robin Boardman

"On transparency, will WikiTribune rel..."
Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis

""We strive for articles that document..."

WikiTribune and its founders are committed to creating an accurate and evidence-based platform for journalism by staff and a global community.

They intend to hold those involved to the highest ethical standards evident in examples of best practice in the media industry and online collaborative platforms.

Accuracy, a neutral point of view, clarity, sourcing, intellectual rigour and fairness are central to the vision the WikiTribune founders have of an open journalism platform in which staff and community members share a common responsibility to quality and truth telling in news.

WikiTribune will work against bias in what it publishes, and make its journalism open to amendment, correction, and disagreement while always striving for accuracy and impartiality. Legal compliance may require deletion of material, editing and even the restriction of user rights.

WikiTribune is owned by a privately held for-profit company registered in the United Kingdom and will always strive to be transparent in its policies, staffing and decisions that affect the WikiTribune platform, staff and the community.

We will deal with corrections, deletions, notice-and-takedown requirements, conflicts of interest and any issues of changes to or removal of journalistic content in a clear manner based on policies and the experience of the staff team and the expertise present in the community.

Ethics statement in the rest of the media industry we think can help guide us, include:
The Trust Principles of Thomson Reuters
ProPublica Code of Ethics
WikiTribune isn’t part of Wikipedia, however, the “five pillars” which underpin that project are broadly applicable to the approach WikiTribune is taking

We welcome your thoughts on the Ethics statement in TALK on the top right of this page.

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  1. On transparency, will WikiTribune release make its donors public? Financial support from billionaires has been a key downfall of other media institutions and I would not want to see the same for this one.

    For example, George Monbiot, a writer for The Guardian outlines his financial support quite clearly on his blog-

  2. “We strive for articles that document and explain major points of view, giving due weight with respect to their prominence in an impartial tone.”

    I like this statement from the Wikipedia 5 pillars. I think this is kind of covered by the neutrality and unbiased statements, but I think calling this out specifically to journalists and editors may be even better. This is something that is missing from most news sources from what I’ve seen.

    How prominent a point of view is may be difficult to determine, but at least in political issues it will be obvious that if two parties have different opinions then both need to be explained. Any advice on what makes an opinion prominent enough to need representation? 10% of people involved?

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