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Mohamed Salih

Mohamed Salih

"This report shows how diversity is a ..."
Mohamed Salih

Mohamed Salih

"As a start, I suggest looking to thes..."
Mohamed Salih

Mohamed Salih

"Diversity=Objectivity I will t..."
Thibagaran Baskaran

Thibagaran Baskaran

"It'll be interesting to see how WT re..."

WikiTribune is committed to creating a safe and diverse working environment and an open and inclusive space for the creation and discussion of great journalism on the Internet.

We aspire that the site and the company behind it includes a range of voices, races, genders and identities. WikiTribune is launching in English but intends to spread rapidly.

Working with or at WikiTribune assumes a commitment to goodwill, tolerance and fairness. Behavior or evidence of attitudes which breach those goals are likely to lead to disciplinary measures for staff and limitations on community engagement for users.

Abuse, racism, sexism, prejudice, stereotyping and any other form of offensive behavior will not be tolerated among staff or our partners in the community.

This diversity statement is a compilation of what we believe to be best practice among media organisations as they work to increase the diversity of their staff and better reflect their audiences. It is an open and changing document which can be added to or modified by the community and by staff to reflect changes and new thinking over time.

Diversity at WikiTribune means ensuring no single person feels they have to represent or defend the views of an entire group, whether that’s in regards to ethnicity, race, gender, religion, or other status. The atmosphere at and on WikiTribune should never make someone uncomfortable about their identity or safety. WikiTribune will work to ensure the workplace and website are safe places to be.

WikiTribune and its founders intend to apply a lens on diversity to recruitment, community and office behavior and the editorial output of the project. WikiTribune will regularly publish its own diversity assessment of staff and the WikiTribune community.

Other diversity statements in the media industry we think are helpful:
Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit group behind Wikipedia
This explanation of gender issues recognised on Wikipedia may also be helpful

We welcome your thoughts in the TALK section at the top right of this item.

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  1. Diversity=Objectivity

    I will talk here from my personal research in ” peer production” and ” wikis” and also my experience in many similar open-collaborative platforms . I will summarize here my my findings and how I think WT should plan its diversity strategy.

    1- Most of open-collaboration platforms are susceptible to ” oligarchic behavior” as they scale up few will become in control of formulating polices, editing, etc there’s a well known study that shows how this behavior occurs across many wiki based platforms ( The good news is that we can design to avoid this)

    2- We usually measure ” growth ‘ in companies by number of customers, and there are many metrics to ” quantify measuring growth”, I think WT should have its own metrics. we should have a clear strategy that aims to favor diversity and not only “readership” and” number of published news stories”

    3- There’s a limit to diversity we have to accept, for example , I’m from Sudan and I can easily explain why ” Internet penetration” and ” literacy rate” can act to limit diversity, but let’s work within these limitations we can still do a lot.

    Let’s keep this discussion a live!

    1. As a start, I suggest looking to these categories during the designing our ” Diversity Strategy” , we should do our best to balance them out within the “Community” and “WT”, and should be clearly published in our “Diversity Report” :

      5-Race and Ethnicity
      7-Political background
      8-Sexual orientation
      9-Social Class

      1. This report shows how diversity is a real challange in conventional newspapers
        I think WT will have a challenge at two levels : office and community.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how WT responds to criticisms regarding diversity.

    It’s a complicated issue and in the early days of will perhaps be excessively scrutinised. ( i.e. Why didn’t WT cover this issue or that issue? Oh it must be cause this or that team lacks diversity)

  3. wikitribune has already done some good by being commented upon by small, generally unknown, sometimes high quality sites – often in a critical vein – thus making it possible to find and follow these small sources.

    i hope wt will sometime in the future pay attention and mention some of these other sites, even if they are technically kind of competitors to wt and even if they have different agenda.

    like i got to hear in my childhood – small wounds and poor friends should not be despised

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