Developing a Standard WT article structure


Ths following stays in context of  “WikiTribune: Community Feedback February 2018”.

Draft proposal
of a Standard WT article structure which
shall make it easier for community members to contribute and in the same time allow the article to be published in an early stage.
WT would then have two standard article forms (this one and the fact checking form which is already in use) and several free forms (interview, essay, chronic, explainer, …).

  • The article has a fixed structure of paragraphs, which is completely displayed in the reading as well as in the edit modus.
  • The article starts with a (short) news, which contains a complete message so that it can stand alone.
  • As soon as the text of the news is finished, the article gets published.
  • The next paragraph is to contain the longer text. If nobody contributes the piece remains a news, otherwise it is extended to an article.
  • Each published news is an invitation to the reader to fill the paragraphs with content.
  • It is obvious that a short contribution is as welcome as e.g. a long(er) report.
  • The homepage offers the option to filter the most relevant country. This allows esp. Non-U.S. contributers to stay aware of topics which they would whish to contribute to.

Minimum requirements for an article to be published
Title; News; Source(s); Tag(s); Country.

Structure of the Standard WT article
Report (other term?)
Original Sources
National Media Sources
International Media Sources
Other Sources
Earlier in WT
[Metadata (Tags, Country, Language), Summary, Images, as they are today]

The sources do not necessarily need to be (already) used in the news or report. They serve as reference, support the research work of the contributor or are a suggestion for the  reader who wants further information. When used, a source has also to be linked within the text.

An additional feature might be a Yes/No field for non-native English speaker to indicate that a critical look at the text would be great.

This proposal is also a comment to what community members wrote.


U.S.: Department of Justice filed criminal charges against Chinese Huawei Technologies

The China based telecommunications company, Huawei, will have to stand trial in the Federal court in Brooklyn, New York, for bank fraud, money laundering, theft of intellectual property, industrial espionage, violations of US sanctions against Iran. Huawei has long been in the sights of the U.S. government. On Monday, the Department of Justice released a 13-count indictment against four defendants, which are affiliated with Huawei Technologies.The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused Washington of having political motives.

Contribute to the story

Original sources
Suggest a source or add your reference

Superseding indictment
Department of Justice:
U.S. Attorney
Acting Attorney

National Media Sources
Suggest a source or add your reference

International Media Sources
Suggest a source or add your reference

Neues Deutschland

Other Sources
Suggest a source or add your reference

Already in WT
Add a WT article on the above topic


Voices of the community

  • Would something like a catergory on the website or discord chat where people list potential article ideas they were wanting assistance with help to facilitate this?
    The news section is an article idea: it is followed by a report section. The list of news is being displayed in the homepage, together with the standard structure waiting to be filled in.
  • … sometimes at the moment it feels that one preson predominantly writes the article and others check the grammar, rather than the group collaboratively expanding and developing a story.
    Each section is combined with an invitation to edit.
  • … concern about the growing trend to start a topic with a headline, followed by a few lines and links to outside sources. So many topics have been started, and only minimally augmented by real reporting or journalism.
    This behaviour of contributors is absolutely understandable (lack of time, …) and legitimate. The standard structure not only encourages to make even small contributions but also allows to channel small pieces in a way that they fulfill the requirements of the journalistic form of (short) news.


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