How to add a story, or edit an existing story

Thank you for being a part of the WikiTribune pilot of collaborative journalism in partnership with our team.

Here’s how to add a story, or edit an existing story.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see an ‘+Add a new story’ button at the top right of the page.

Clicking on ‘Add a new story’ is the first step to the community’s creation of a new story.

– Select a CATEGORY into which your story fits – a geographical region, a topic, e.g. SPAIN, ENVIRONMENT, TECHNOLOGY
– Write a HEADLINE, an explicit and clear description of what the story is about
– Write a SUMMARY which is a short description of the main themes
– Write your STORY in the Content area

– If you wish to add an image, make sure the picture is CC, public domain or otherwise held under a copyleft license.

Your work will SAVE automatically to DRAFT.  This will be visible to other users.

To EDIT an existing story, click EDIT with the green button on the top right and you’re in the EDITING screen.
– EDIT the story to add whatever content you believe is needed and publishable
– Add a brief EDIT summary to describe what you did to the story e.g: “added information of fixed typo” hit Submit for Review

Your story will be visible in DRAFT. An editor will review all new stories and pending changes before publication. They might discuss it with you in TALK.

Flow chart showing how a user can create a new story on WikiTribune

Summary: Steps in adding a new story

1. Add a new story from top-right hand button
2. Write in Category, Headline, Summary and Story. Add a picture, providing it is public domain.
3. Add an Edit summary and Submit for Review

Steps in adding to an existing story:

1. Hit EDIT on the top right of any STORY on the site
2. Make your EDITS
3. Add an Edit summary and Submit for Review

Multiple editors and edit-conflicts:

Where several people are editing the same story we ask that the last person in the queue accepts or rejects the changes that have stacked up from others in the collaborative process.
If there is an editing conflict between users — two screens will appear via the EDITING tools showing your current edit on the right and the contributions from other collaborators on the left.

1. Compare the two versions side by side. The latest edits will be highlighted.

2. Copy and paste any elements you judge warranted into the existing story below – thus combining your and earlier edits or discarding earlier edits and amending your own.

3. Leave a brief Edit summary and Submit for Review.

This is a working document. You are welcome to EDIT it or use the TALK channel. Thank you.

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