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Corrections and amplifications

WikiTribune’s engaged, collaborative community, as well as its editorial approval process, should mean that incorrect information or errors are limited and quickly addressed by staff or the audience. When errors do occur, we need your help please to identify and fix errors and issue clarifications.

• The HISTORY associated with every story on WikiTribune should make it clear what is being changed and when, and prevent errors being corrected without notification. Corrections will also show up on RECENT CHANGES.

• Clear corrections will be made to errors of fact or where clear meaning was lost, not for minor typographical errors.

• We encourage community members to clearly label any factual error they fix as CORRECTED in the Edit summary.

• WikiTribune staff are instructed to be open about any errors and to correct them transparently within the body of the story, both in the same place the error occurred and in the associated notes which appear in HISTORY. For example: [Corrected: 92 percent of those who voted agreed with Catalan independence, not 92 percent of Catalans]

• In DEVELOPING stories which may be updated many times over several days, corrections made to earlier versions should be collated in the Sources & References section which users see at the bottom of stories. For example: [A previous version of this story was corrected: 92 percent of those who voted agreed with Catalan independence, not 92 percent of Catalans.]

The corrections policy will evolve based on experience, media industry best practice and the input from the WikiTribune community.

Corrections policies from other media organizations we think add value include:
Reuters News Agency Handbook of Journalism
The Washington Post
An article from the American Press Institute on corrections

To talk to us about corrections, or suggest a correction you cannot add yourself, please use TALK on this page or send an email, preferably with a link to the item and a description of the correction or amplification you believe is necessary to: [email protected]


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Jonathan Cardy

"Since this policy is going to be read..."

Steve Beatty

"Thanks, Carl. Yes, proposed revisions..."
Carl Newton

Carl Newton

"I've made three revisions on this art..."

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  1. Since this policy is going to be read by writers as well as readers I suggest that we differentiate between corrections prior to publication and corrections after publication. Corrections after publication would require a note in the articles, though perhaps only for edits to correct errors or redress bias, if you want to know about minor typos look at the edit history.

  2. I’ve made three revisions on this article:

    The slider at the top looks as though it indicates that the live version of the story is the green marker three places from the end of the bar, and the last three changes have not yet been made. But it isn’t clear what state my changes are in or what needs to happen to make them live. Is it that they are pending review of the author? If so, I think it would be helpful to explicitly state that somewhere.

    My apologies if it’s there and I’ve missed it.

    1. Thanks, Carl. Yes, proposed revisions and corrections are reviewed by the author or an editor. Apologies for the delayed response to your note; it looks like your changes have been accepted.

      We’re further discussing how these changes are flagged, both for you and the author. You’re right — you should know the status of what you’re proposing.


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