Community generated news feed

  1. Proposal for WikiTribune to produce a community generated news feed. Explanation of how it could work.

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This is a proposal for a community generated news feed. It could work as follows:

On the basis of a shared ethos, journalism deemed high-quality / important by WikiTribune users is commended to the community in the form of a news item containing title, weblink, category and synopsis. This is verified, posted to a non-sorted feed and distributed to signed-up ‘community editors’. The item is rated for quality / importance by the community, with flags for potential issues such as factual errors, reliance on a single source, political bias etc. On the basis of the community rating (with a weighting for time relevance) the item is placed in an sorted news feed (filterable by category). The item is fully editable as a Wiki by the community. Items on the same story could also be merged.

The community generated news feed is valuable in itself. An alternative to the Mainstream Media controlled news selection or news feeds generated by individualistic, bias reinforcing algorithms designed to chase clicks.

The community generated news feed also enables an emergent community view of ‘what matters now’, providing a democratic basis for the selection of topics to be expanded into community produced content / articles.

The synopses produced by the community of external journalism are also of great value; summaries being both vital in our world of information overload but also potential sources of misrepresentation and bias, which the community can collectively prevent. Items summarising different sources on the same story could also be merged to form the basis of an full article.

The architecture required to deliver the community generated news feed provides several useful features. Involvement in the input and output is filterable by category, such that users can contribute to and consume a subset of the content that is of interest to them. The architecture is clone-able such that different communities could, by agreeing a different ethos to drive the selection and rating of items, produce a feed specific to their needs. The architecture is tune-able such that the criteria used to rate items and the algorithm used to sort them can be tuned as experience is gained of how best to give expression to the ethos of the community in the sorted items.


  1. Do others see value in the community generated news feed proposed here?
  2. Has the architecture described here, or similar, been implemented already elsewhere? If so, what were the outcomes?
  3. What are the potential difficulties?
  4. How could such a news feed best integrate with other parts of WikiTribune?

Current Progress

Here is a list of sources the html parser has issues with.  Please post any you discover here:


General Bugs

  1. The date stamp is coming out wrong
  2. The Filing forgets once you close until you refresh

Not Yet Complete

  1. Categories
  2. Filters

Workflow Needing Planned

  1. Grouping
  2. Progressing
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