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Will I be able to curate my news feed to feature more of my local news content?
In the future, yes.

Will WikiTribune be available in other languages?
We currently have a Spanish site and a Portuguese site but we hope to expand more in future.

Will WikiTribune be open-source?
The current plan is that all content will be available through Creative Commons.

Will you open-source the platform for hyperlocal news sites?
Yes, but we’d love to actually host that hyperlocal content. We want to be a platform for all sorts of news.

Is there an RSS feed for WikiTribune?
Yes, they’re here. However, we can’t bring back Google Reader. Sorry.

Will we be able to see the sources for all articles?
Yes, to the maximum degree possible. Anonymous sourcing is important and necessary in some cases, but in general should be avoided.

Will WikiTribune do video?
Yes. Video/audio and transcripts are a great way to improve trust in media, because you can see what was actually said and in what context and tone.

Is WikiTribune a wiki? Will the full editing history be available? Will readers be able to tell which edits were written by which writers?
Yes, it is a wiki. The editing history will be transparent.

Will journalists be encouraged to structure articles with section headers, similar to Wikipedia?
You shouldn’t expect too much similarity between Wikipedia and WikiTribune – they serve very different purposes. However, when headings are useful, they’ll be used.

Couldn’t all this be done through Wikinews?
One of the greatest strengths of the wiki world is a very thoughtful, deliberative decision-making process. It means that when change happens, it’s almost always for the better.

However, it also means that change happens very, very slowly. The main reason we’re launching WikiTribune independently of Wikimedia is that in order to succeed, we’ll have to tap into one of the values that led to success before: “Be bold.” Or as Facebook puts it, “move fast and break things.”

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