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Will your journalism be focused on a specific region? Will it be US-centric?

We’re aiming for global news.

Will there be local content? I’d like to see WikiTribune stories from my region.

When we get big enough, that’s the plan.

Will WikiTribune have an opinion section?

No, at least not initially. There’s potential for that in the future but we’re starting with factual, unbiased news.

Are you aiming at daily news or long form? Will you offer real-time news or only the follow-up stories?

A bit of both. We’ll be starting with a small staff so won’t be able to do everything real-time at first, but hopefully we will as we grow.

Will original reporting and investigative journalism be a part of WikiTribune’s mission?

Absolutely yes – they’re central to our vision. The community will be very strong in terms of summarising and contextualising reporting that’s done elsewhere, so we’ll see a lot of that too.

How will you decide which stories to pursue? Will you be following the mainstream news agenda or aiming for different stories?

We’ll select different stories. Our business model drives us in a different direction to many mainstream news sites. In order to get people to voluntarily offer monthly support, we have to offer something meaningful to them – something they can’t get elsewhere.

One reason the news agenda is so repetitive is that everyone is chasing the same ad dollars in the same way. Clicks take precedence over quality too often. We intend to change that.

Will WikiTribune review online articles in other categories, like science, for instance?


How many articles do you plan on publishing every week?

WikiTribune’s articles will be written and edited both by professional journalists and the community, so it’ll depend on the number of contributors and the level of support. Plus of course different types of stories take different amounts of time: a big investigative piece can take months.

What topics will you cover at launch, and beyond?

We’ll do politics to start, because it’s an obvious and interesting area, and because it feels like the world really needs it right now. But for us, the most interesting thing will be whether a hybrid model of staff + community coupled with a business model of supporters being able to request what beats are covered, means that interesting niche topics that are ignored by mass media can be successful as well. We’ll see!

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