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FAQs: legal

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Will other sites be able to republish WikiTribune’s content?

Yes, all our content will be released under a Creative Commons attribution (CC-BY) license to the maximum extent possible. That means you’re free to reuse it as long as you credit us. However, depending on the source, we may not be able to include images in this as they may not belong to us.

Will subscriptions qualify as charitable contributions under US tax law?

No, they won’t. If you want to support initiatives in this area and need it to be a charitable donation, we’d recommend the Wikimedia Foundation or Creative Commons.

Is WikiTribune a charity?

No, it’s not. It’s a for-profit company. On the technical side, we’re looking to become a benefit corporation with specific charter requirements around things like journalist pay and reader rights.

What’s WikiTribune’s corporate structure?

Currently, it’s a Limited Company in the UK called WikiTribune Ltd, company number 10713170.