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Is WikiTribune connected to Wikipedia?
WikiTribune is a new project launched by Jimmy Wales and is independent from Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.

What do WikiTribune’s advisors do?
The advisors listed currently are friends of Jimmy Wales who have been advising him personally, based on their experience, in some cases for years. They are not making editorial judgments. We’re interested in taking advice from a wide range of people and would love to hear your suggestions for additions to the list.

How will you avoid the echo chamber effect of serving news to those that are already media literate, instead of educating people who need help finding reliable sources?
This is a huge challenge. We are hopeful that the WikiTribune open APIs will give useful signals to algorithms so they can productively help guide people to better sources of information. And of course, we’re relying on the public to take less media-savvy loved ones under their wings.

Is accurate information even the problem? Don’t most people just want news that conforms to their pre-existing biases?
In our experience, people do want accurate, unbiased news. The same story can be interpreted a myriad of ways by people with different viewpoints, but the base information stays the same.

Aren’t you just catering to people who are already fairly media savvy and able to find the truth in the news?
We think that there are two challenges here: making something media-savvy people will love and want to pay for is different from reaching into communities who’ve switched off from the news. But Wikipedia appeals to a wide range of people, and we’re hoping we can do the same here.

How is WikiTribune different from conventional journalism?
In some ways, not different at all. We hope the business model of reader support will lead to higher quality reporting than the current race-to-the-bottom for clicks. But of course, in other ways it’ll be very different: our journalists will be working side-by-side with the community, as equals. No ivory towers here.

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