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    #5 may be a reference to two things. First, there was a wave of extinction for all megafauna in North America, which coincides with the arrival of humans on the continent. Of course that was roughly 14,000 years before Columbus, and I don’t know of further significant extinctions after that (until the European arrival of course). Second, some scholars believe that the Anasazi deforested portions of the Southwest, which led to the collapse of their cliff-dwelling culture. But more recent evidence seems to suggest they were hit by massive prolonged drought (which in turn caused deforestation). In both cases, the claim of egregious “native” behavior seems highly questionable.

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    It seems there is a lot of real effort put here, it would be really helpful to add sources, references, etc when you add any piece of information. If you are away I will google the included information and find the sources and hyperlink them. happy new year!

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    Prager U is not a source of educational videos. It is a propaganda organization. It should not be legitimized on WikiTribune as an educational source.

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      I quoted what they stated on their website, I will edit and add brackets and quote precisely what they claimed about their mission, but I can’t say it’s a ” propaganda organization” .

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    I stopped listening after about 30 or so seconds. The T-shirt says it all about what he is about. I’ve heard all that over and over. I’m sure the Indians don’t celebrate Columbus day. Yes we’ve done bad things in the past. That was 500 years ago. Look forward. I’ve turned the page…and it’s the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria as the flagship and I did this from memory and not by searching.

    A simple T with no message might have let me watch the whole thing.

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