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  1. Recently read a book, A Devil’s Tale: of Love and Redemption, that referred to the Catholic Church’s as practicing Institutionalized pedophilia.

  2. Joel and Clive, thank you very much for correcting!

    Joel, here
    “that exploration and treatment initiatives of other bodies had been conducted with the participation the DBK, too” vs.
    “that exploration and treatment initiatives of other bodies had been conducted alongside the DBK as well”
    your wording seems to have another meaning than I have intended.

    I wanted to say that the DBK was one of the participants in the initiatives. This is important because under this circumstance the initiative was not independent from the accused institution. Victims associations and the UBSKM (office of the Federal Government) however demand an independent treatment.
    As far as I understand, your wording means that the initiatives of other bodies and the DBK project exist in parallel with one another.
    After all, how can we put it?

  3. The Catholic church is such a huge organization that no doubt has an interest in keeping a consistent narrative for a vast set of parishioners. Whatever the latest revelations regarding sex scandal reveals I find it curious to the point of wondering, why now more reveals? I’m suggesting a power struggle at the top possibly from the Euro-centric Catholic hierarchy vs. the rest of the worlds Catholic hierarchy. Only 4 off continent Popes in Catholic church history, including the current Pope. No matter what the faithful believe of their Pope and clergy in the Catholic church I believe it’s a differently understood operational reality for the clergy and the Pope than say the narrative presented to the faithful and public. The latest revealed information troves to the faithful and other peoples, implying decades of dubious hypocritical behaviors would be great fodder for internal church power struggles. What we read in the news we assume is news, these latest sex behavior reveals in the USA and Europe could be a part of an internal hot war battle maneuver inside the Catholic hierarchy, no matter the validity of the story.

    A bit of tin foil hat by myself, but what if there’s a religion called, ‘there is a reason for everything’?

  4. Would somebody please take a critical look at my English and the “non-journalistic style” of my edit?

  5. The report is commissioned by the German Bishops’ Conference (, not by the Vatican. I’ve edited the article several times, but by any reason the saving doesn’t work.
    The article published by the DIE ZEIT is more extensive than the article by the SPIEGEL:

    1. Thanks Ingrid. I’ve made the correction and will let the devs know saving wasn’t working

  6. I have always been fascinated by this topic after watching the movie “Spotlight”, which covered the abuse in Boston. Especially with the scandal being unearthed down in America recently, more details on the extent of this in Germany would be interesting in seeing how it would affect church leadership.

    1. Indeed. I think the Spotlight investigation was the first big exposition of institutionalised sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis has called for a big meeting in February to discuss the subject:

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