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    Removal of children without consent also happens in the scandinavian countries. I was under the impression that per capita it was much more frequrmt here than anywherr else.

    The law: LVU was criticized 1983 in ”Der Spiegel” used the word kindergulag.

    There have been several damning official reports surrounding this , but as far as I can tell, the reports have received very little publicity and the number of children removed on shaky grounds is on the increase.

    This article says that
    4 675 children were taken away 2017

    One difference, which may well make my comment irrelevant to this article , is that these children are not immediately adopted , but put in foster homes.

    Adoption event occurs later.

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      Another difference is that the decision to remove children is not made by a court. The decision is made by individual social workers. It only goes to court if the family gets a lawyer to take it to court and protest .

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        The reason that I am not adding this directly to the text is that it was more than 20 years ago that I became aware of the problem. The laws have changed since then, but I have not checked whether the effects of the new law have been for the better or worse. I only know that more children are taken today than before.

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          In August 2018 a cars were burned around Sweden. The perpetrators said that this was to wake up societies to injustices done. One of the injustices mentioned was that social services were “tearing away children” from their families.

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            Hi Daniel, thanks for the comments and information about the subject in Sweden. Please let me know if you see any other articles/stats/studies about the case in Sweden. This piece will focus on the UK but will explain the situ in other places, especially ones that have received a high level of criticism.

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              Hi Lydia,

              There are many articles about the situation in Sweden. Perhaps articles that compare the situation in Britan to other countries might serve you better. Unfortunately, I will not be available during the next week or so.

              Talking to a friend who is a lawyer, she suggested that a fellow named Ian Josephs might know more about the situation in Britain.

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    “Britain frequently participates in so-called “forced adoption.” Also known as contested adoption, or non-consensual adoption, the practice sees local authorities forcibly and permanently removing children from their parents to be adopted without consent.” – frequently? Really? Evidence?

    And it isn’t ‘local authorities’, it’s the courts. A judge makes the final decision.

    “Many cases of adoption have the best interests of the child in mind and it is not always best for a child to stay with their birth family, for reasons ranging from neglect to substance abuse in the home. But critics say forced adoption is an enormous injustice and damaging to both parents and children.” – the law REQUIRES” that it is in the best interests of the child; if not, it is illegal. So are you suggesting that illegal adoptions are occurring? Or what?

    “mothers in Britain today are having their children forcibly adopted on a major scale” – but no numbers given.

    The article constantly goes on about the numbers of forced adoptions in the past, but carefully avoids giving figures for the current ‘problem’ Bait & Switch; poor journalism.

    If indeed Britain has a larger number than other European nations,is this necessarily a bad thing? Or does it suggest that other countries turn a blind eye to child abuse and neglect? I don’t know – but you should, and you need to discuss this possibility.

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      Thanks for the comment Andrew. This is a draft story and so is still in reporting and researching stage – numbers, stats and more sources will be included as the story progresses.

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